Breght Boschker, CTO of SkinVision, looks forward to a new frontier in digital healthcare where technology enables early detection and awareness of health conditions. SkinVision aims to save human lives by putting technology in people’s hands for skin health self-assessment in the comfort of their own homes. SkinVision offers a free-to-download app that allows people to scan their bodies in their own homes and have the pictures assessed by SkinVision’s machine learning-based algorithms in 30 seconds. After that, staff dermatologists examine the image to control accuracy, which is now at over 90 percent. SkinVision’s staff dermatologists review and tag 200 images an hour, which has resulted in a database of over three million images that the machine learning algorithm trains on. The company uses the cloud to store large amounts of data securely and process them at scale. By using AWS, SkinVision is putting their technology in the hands of the masses.

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