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to Amazon S3 using the AWS CLI

Use the chart below to map out which AWS products can be used to build out your backup and recovery solution.

AWS Service
What it provides Documentation Links
Amazon S3 Object storage, to make data accessible from any Internet location 
Amazon EFS File storage, to make data available to one or more EC2 instances via a file system interface and file system access semantics 
Amazon EBS Block storage, to make data available as a virtual volume attached to a single Amazon EC2 compute instance 
Amazon Glacier Highly affordable long-term storage that can replace tape for archive and regulatory compliance 
Amazon Storage Gateway A software appliance that links your on-premises storage environment to Amazon cloud storage 

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Title Summary Download
Backup and Recovery Approaches Using AWS
Covers production workloads and architectures that can be implemented using AWS to augment or replace a backup and recovery solution. Download PDF
Enterprise Backup and Recovery On-Premises to AWS Provides best practices for designing and building hybrid backup architectures that leverage AWS and compute services. Download PDF

Simplify using AWS services for your website or web application with an API tailored to your programming language or platform.