AWS One Government Value Agreement 2.0


Building on the success of One Government Value Agreement (OGVA), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Crown Commercial Services (CCS) are pleased to announce that the second three-
year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is now live - One Government Value Agreement 2.0 (“OGVA 2.0”).

The new, three-year MoU supports the One Government Cloud Strategy by enabling government departments, agencies and public sector organisations to derive greater value from AWS. This MoU allows UK public sector organisations to come together and act as a single customer - offering greater benefits in terms of training, access to an OGVA credit programme that aligns with government technology missions, and enhanced cost savings for the whole of the public sector. AWS has aligned the MoU to support a move towards a more efficient, secure and sustainable future, enabling government to have digital skills at scale, remediate legacy, and build data platforms, whilst harnessing emerging technologies such as Generative AI.

OGVA 2.0 is comprised of three tiers:

  • Cloud Discoverer features benefits aimed at organisations that have yet to adopt the cloud and helps these organisations conduct their first cloud projects.
  • Cloud Scaler supports organisations that have already begun their cloud journey and want to benefit from the greater use of cloud technologies.
  • Cloud Prime features benefits for more cloud-mature organisations that are in the process of growing their cloud deployments and want to optimise the benefits of cloud technologies.

Existing OGVA customers

Current OGVA customers who would like to sign up to OGVA 2.0 can contact their AWS account manager for further information and next steps.

Available direct or via AWS Partners

OGVA 2.0 can be accessed directly from AWS or from an OGVA 2.0 qualified member of the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Find out more

For further information, contact your AWS account manager or click “Request more information” below.