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Customers can work with AWS Healthcare Competency Partners to build innovative, cost-effective, and secure solutions that improve operational and clinical effectiveness, while improving patient outcomes for healthcare payers and providers. 

AWS Healthcare Competency Partners have demonstrated technical expertise and customer success in building healthcare solutions on AWS that securely store, process, transmit, and analyze clinical information. Find solutions and offerings from AWS Healthcare Competency Partners below.

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Transactional systems are used in the provider setting to capture and document clinical encounters as well as provide direct patient care.

Organizational and enterprise solutions to analyze and manage patient, population, quality, and operational data to improve cost and quality objectives.

Solutions that address operational requirements of the healthcare enterprise including revenue cycle management and ERP.

Services and solutions that assist healthcare organizations with compliance and regulatory support including system architecture.

AWS Competency Partners offering consulting services have demonstrated deep AWS technical expertise and proven customer success in specialized areas across industry, use case, and workload.

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