High Performance Computing

Accelerate innovation with fast networking and virtually unlimited infrastructure

Run your large, complex simulations and deep learning workloads in the cloud with a complete suite of high performance computing (HPC) products and services on AWS. Gain insights faster, and quickly move from idea to market with virtually unlimited compute capacity, a high-performance file system, and high-throughput networking.

Accelerate innovation

Access a broad range of cloud-based services, like machine learning (ML) and analytics, plus HPC tools and infrastructure to quickly design and test new products.

Maximize operational efficiency

Gain on-demand access to compute capacity. Skip the wait and save more time to focus on solving complex problems without worrying about cost and infrastructure constraints.

Optimize performance

Find the perfect fit for your infrastructure needs and solve real-world business problems with your choice of the largest selection and capacity of HPC services, fast networking, and storage on AWS.

High Performance Computing on AWS

AWS high performance computing services

Fast networking in the cloud

Scale HPC applications to thousands of CPUs and GPUs with Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA). Run distributed ML applications faster with a purpose-built, low-latency, and low-jitter channels for inter-instance communications. You can enable EFA support on a growing list of Amazon EC2 instances and get the flexibility to choose the right compute configuration for your workload.

Use cases


Build designs faster
Reduce wall-clock time for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. Scale out simulation jobs to experiment with more tunable parameters, leading to faster, more accurate results.

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Fast-track drug discovery
Accelerate structure-based drug design with instant access to virtually unlimited computing resources. Increase the speed, accuracy, and scale of virtual screening, quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, and 3D structure solutions.

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Uncover genomic insights
Build and run predictive, real-time, or retrospective data applications to reach insights faster. Reduce data processing times from weeks to hours for deeper research on diseases such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, and Alzheimer’s.

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Optimize risk analysis
Conduct grid-computing simulations at speed to identify product portfolio risks, hedging opportunities, and areas for optimization. Model the impact of hypothetical portfolio changes for better decision-making.

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Maximize energy resources
Run geoscientific simulations and seismic processing at speed and scale with flexible CPU and GPU, ML, Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics. Iterate and fine-tune models faster to accelerate workloads like reservoir simulations.

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Accelerate research
Process complex workloads, analyze massive data pipelines, and share results with collaborators around the world. Enable discovery in research computing and higher education with access to virtually unlimited scale and elasticity in the cloud.

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AWS Partner Network High Performance Computing Competency

AWS High Performance Computing Competency Partners

AWS High Performance Computing Competency Partners help customers accelerate their digital innovation in the areas of HPC spanning high performance solvers, high throughput computing, HPC workload management, and foundational HPC technology. AWS HPC Competency Partners offer agile, flexible, and cost-effective technology offerings for HPC on AWS supporting genomics, computational chemistry, seismic processing, computer aided engineering, as well as emerging applications, such as deep learning and autonomous driving.

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