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Download the tools needed to run Rust applications on AWS
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SDK for Rust
This SDK provides classes for many AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, and more.
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AWS IDE Toolkits
Use popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to author, debug, and deploy your code on AWS.
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AWS SDK for Rust in AWS Lambda
You can use the SDK from within a Lambda function as you would in any other case, with a few added steps.
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Digital Library
Sustainability with Rust
Rust is an amazing technology to sustain and secure our industry, and you can start doing that today. Read more why AWS believes in it so much.
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Convert text to speech and back to text using an AWS SDK for Rust

Use Amazon Polly to synthesize a plain text (UTF-8) input file to an audio file, upload the audio file to an Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket, use Amazon Transcribe to convert that audio file to text, and display the text.

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Detect faces in an image using an AWS SDK for Rust

Save the image in an Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket with an uploads prefix, use Amazon Rekognition to detect facial details, such as age range, gender, and emotion (smiling, etc.), and display those details.

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Application Auto Scaling examples using SDK for Rust

Perform actions and implement common scenarios by using the AWS SDK for Rust with Application Auto Scaling.

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