Global Partner Security Initiative

Disruptive security solutions for next-gen cyber resiliency

What is the Global Partner Security Initiative?

The Global Partner Security Initiative builds transformational security services with AWS Partners to simplify complexity, mitigate risk, and increase cyber resilience across your entire digital estate. With broad cybersecurity knowledge and deep industry expertise, AWS Partners are among the world’s largest cyber consulting experts. 

AWS innovates with Partners to deliver end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that secure your data, maintain customer trust, and automate compliance regulations. 

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Build cyber resiliency

Executive Readiness
Executives and boards play an important role in preparing for cybersecurity readiness. AWS solutions safeguard mission-critical business functions and continuously comply with regulatory requirements. 

Security-Led Cloud Migrations
Cloud migrations can stall if compliance requirements across workloads are undefined. Establishing a security-first migration approach accelerates cloud transformation, consolidates disparate tools, and drives business outcomes.

Continuous Compliance
Continuous compliance leverages the power of generative AI and Amazon Bedrock to automate regulatory requirements and secure your entire digital estate with continuously monitored and remediated AI capabilities.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
Manage to reduce cyber risk, detect threat actors before they breach your system, and respond with actionable threat intelligence for real-time decision-making.

Incident Response and Cyber Forensics
Incident response and cyber forensics enable organizations to investigate and contain the impact of a potential cybersecurity incident before incidents escalate.

Emergency Recovery and Restoration
Recovery and restoration of mission-critical business functions is essential. In the event of an attack, your data is scanned and pre-configured, automations are isolated, sanitizes, and validated. Infected data is then restored to pre-configured recovery state.

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Centralize with Amazon Security Lake

Amazon Security Lake automatically centralizes security data from cloud, on premises, and custom sources into a purpose-built data lake stored in your account. Security Lake improves the protection of your workloads, applications, and data into a seamless near real-time view. With Security Lake, you can:

Automatically centralize data from AWS environments, SaaS providers, on premises, and cloud sources across AWS Regions

Optimize and manage security data for efficient storage and query performance

Normalize data to an open standard to streamline security data management across multicloud and hybrid environments

Analyze security data using your preferred analytics tools while retaining complete control and ownership of that data

Normalize with OCSF

Amazon Security Lake supports the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF). OCSF is designed to provide an open standard, adopted in any environment, application, or solution, while complementing existing security standards and processes. OCSF security data normalization delivers:

Simplified and vendor-agnostic taxonomy for security data that can be adopted in any environment, application, or solution provider.

Speeds up data ingestion and analysis without the time-consuming, upfront normalization tasks.

Combines data from OCSF-compliant sources to  break down data silos that slow security teams.

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