AWS Internet of Things (IoT) Competency Partners possess deep domain expertise in IoT, having developed innovative technology and solutions that leverage AWS services. The program is designed to highlight and promote APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solutions and vertical areas on AWS.

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Hardware, and software ingredients used to build IoT devices, or finished products used in IoT Solutions or applications.  




With AWS and Intel, you can implement an IoT solution quickly and with minimal upfront investments, bootstrap connectivity, and deliver enhanced security from device to network to cloud, then use AWS Big Data services to drive business insight. 


Best in class AWS IoT policy setup for embedded hardware solutions. Zero touch private key provisioning to secure IoT equipments.

Microchip provides a comprehensive portfolio of embedded solutions and enable customers, reducing their time to market offering kits such as the IoT Ethernet kit and Zero Touch Provisioning kit powered by AWS IoT. 

Data aggregation hardware and/or software connecting edge devices to the cloud and providing on premise intelligence as well as connecting to enterprise information technology ("IT") systems.  




MachineShop enables customers to quickly and easily connect and manage Linux-based devices to your AWS IoT account.

MachineShop’s embedded software, MachineShop EDGE, enables direct integration with AWS IoT providing advanced features such as remote device management and rules/events executed at the edge. RESTful API’s allow easy integration into any application.

Cloud based platforms to acquire, analyze, act and act on IoT data.  



DataV- A complete software solution engineered for business and industrial Internet of Things use cases.

DataV is a software platform that businesses can employ to connect remote devices, monitor data streams, automate corrective processes, predict adverse conditions before they occur, and optimize the performance of critical business assets.

C3 IoT

C3 IoT provides a proven, full-stack platform for building next-generation enterprise IoT and big data analytics applications.

The C3 IoT Platform enables the design, development, deployment & operation of next-generation IoT and big data applications that apply machine learning to recommend actions based on real-time analysis of big data sets, enterprise & 3rd party data sources, & telemetry data from IoT devices.

Develop and deliver powerful IoT solutions that deliver transformative business value.

ThingWorx is the purpose-built IoT platform that enables rapid creation of complete applications for the smart, connected world. Its unique Thing Model framework allows it to seamlessly integrate with other technologies, including Augmented Reality (ThingWorx Studio) and ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity powered by Kepware.


Gain real-time insight into operations with data from AWS IoT to improve monitoring & diagnostics, safety & compliance, preventative maintenance, and asset lifecycle management.

Splunk ingests, analyzes and visualizes real-time and historical machine data from any source including devices powered by AWS IoT. Customers use Splunk to harness the power of the machine data generated by connected devices and IoT services.


ThingLogix Foundry is a connected product platform, for rapid design, development, and deployment of IoT solutions.

ThingLogix Professional services helps companies accelerate their adoption of IoT and Cloud Computing. By assisting companies with IoT strategy, technology selection, application development, deployment and support.

Systems to manage wide-area connectivity for edge and gateway devices.



Enabling OEMs to become IoT service providers - Run local operations worldwide effortlessly.

Amdocs IoT Marketplace is a SaaS based solution bridging OEMs to Amdocs large customer base, enabling them to operate worldwide through local service providers and enjoy solutions for exposure, billing, invoicing, connectivity, support and more.

IoT Connect is a self-service portal used to define, provision and manage secure private IP networks for IoT.

Asavie IoT Connect simplifies connecting IoT devices on the network Edge to AWS cloud, hybrid architecture and on-premises’ environments. Asavie enables an on-demand service to securely connect and manage IoT devices to where you need.

New, secure, automated and scalable IoT connectivity solution for global device deployment; reduces TCO for AWS Cloud customers.

Eseye’s revolutionary multi IMSI SIM securely unites the AWS Cloud with AnyNet cellular connectivity for devices across the globe. It seamlessly integrates into the AWS IoT Management Console to remotely activate, provision, authenticate and certify things globally.

SORACOM connects IoT devices directly to customers' VPC and AWS services such as AWS IoT and Amazon Kinesis.

SORACOM bridges AWS and 2G/3G/LTE cellular and LoRaWAN networks by using its cloud native mobile core network built on top of AWS. It offers private peering with customer VPCs and proxy endpoints for devices to easily integrate with AWS services.

IoT Consulting Partners possess a proven track record of designing and implementing advanced IoT solutions for clients and focus on integrating and migrating multi-vendor subsystem technology and services into a fully operationalized system. 



Transformative industry-specific IoT solutions enabling enterprises to implement at speed and scale.

Accenture with AWS help enterprises achieve digital transformation with the Internet of Things (IoT) through the powerful combination of our market-leading assets, specialized capabilities and global resources.

We help clients take advantage of standard software and hardware components to help and accelerate the development of connected IoT solutions in various industries including industrial equipment, consumer electronics, automotive and semiconductor.

Aricent is the world’s leading engineering, services and software company. We specialize in inventing, developing and maintaining our clients’ most ambitious initiatives in the communications domain. 

Having delivered 350+ successful cloud projects, CTP & its IoT practice are experts at building enterprise-ready IoT solutions.

CTP’s IoT practice helps clients build end-to-end solutions, from sensors/devices to gateways, device clouds, and public clouds. We are delivering solutions in Transportation (Rail & Automotive), Financial Services, Building Automation, Telco, and Pharma/Healthcare

End-to-End IoT expertise from advisory through engineering in industrial, operational, and consumer contexts.

Our customers change the way the world does business. From a well-defined project or the beginning of a vision, Luxoft offers end-to-end capabilities to ensure clients benefit from a single execution journey, from envisioning to market impact.

We create compelling mobile & IoT digital experiences across healthcare, life sciences, and retail/hospitality.

Mobiquity builds custom software for clients across verticals, with mobile, IoT, and Alexa voice applications at the core of what we deliver. We have standardized custom software builds on AWS.

Solstice builds transformative IoT experiences through agile, human-centered design & rapid experimentation.

Solstice IoT offers customer experience-driven IoT application strategy, design, and development. With over 300+ engineers, designers, and strategists, Solstice is focused on building the next wave of connected, digital products on AWS IoT.

An integrated design, software, hardware, and deployment partner with IoT ninjas to accelerate your project.

Sturdy architects, builds, deploys, and manages custom solutions for the Internet of Things and medical devices. From strategy to execution to ongoing management, our team consistently delivers IoT projects across a wide range of industries.

Trek10 is expert at building Serverless IoT solutions with multiple enterprise deployments under its belt.

Trek10 builds massively scalable, highly available back-end infrastructures for IoT solutions that can be rolled out quickly & elegantly scale to support tens of thousands of devices with minimal upfront investment & incredibly low operating costs.

Partners interested in listing their IoT product, solution, or practice must have achieved the IoT Competency through the AWS Competency Program.

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