The Bosch Phantom Solution

End-to-End Energy Transparency and Analytics


Today, customers in the retail, commercial, and residential verticals can only measure their overall energy consumption, unable to identify the component usage adding up to the total consumption. There is lack of granular, load-side energy data (at an appliance or an area level) and also on the supply side (voltage, current, power factor, harmonics, etc.). This lack of granular data prevents customers from deriving valuable insights to inform their energy savings and sustainability goals.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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The Bosch Phantom delivers non-intrusive load management (NILM) technology. The Phantom sensor is connected to the main power supply. Once a trained model is uploaded to the device, energy can be disaggregated at the appliance level. The device also monitors the supply side parameters. A web portal displays the energy consumption at a store, area, and appliance level, as well as various supply side parameters (voltage, current, power factor, etc.). The granular data collected from the device can be analyzed to generate key insights for energy goal attainment.


  • Asset Benchmarking and Optimization - Comparison of Assets, within and in between stores, to analyze and decide on asset operations.
  • Comparative Analysis of Energy - Optimization measures pre and post analysis of energy measures.
  • Gamification of stores - Relative benchmark across stores help measure energy intensity on a comparative basis.
  • Behavior Based Changes - Analyzing asset usage at operating and non-operating hours would enable implementation of policies and guidelines to encourage behaviour change.


Bosch Phantom is a highly scalable solution thanks to Amazon ECS. Once installed, the Phantom can communicate to the Device Management system via Wi-Fi and start transmitting data. The model training for a store can be done remotely and using AWS IoT Core. It can be uploaded to the device remotely. The ability to train and communicate to the sensors remotely enables users to manage multiple deployments across the globe simultaneously.

Data Privacy is of the utmost importance in the connected world. The Phantom ecosystem uses Amazon Cognito and IAM services to ensure secure authentication and authorization. Bosch uses certificate-based mutual authentication between the cloud and the device to ensure only registered devices can login. This also ensures that a customer can only view his/her space data and does not receive data for other customers.