Pressac Energy Monitoring Solution

Monitoring Real-time Energy Use Without Disruption


Monitoring energy use at a granular level can help organizations reduce their energy consumption, and increase cost savings. However, monitoring challenges exist, including:

  • Organizations not having the means to evaluate consumption and implement better practices
  • Finding discreet, unobtrusive, and easy to fit systems which cause minimum down time and disruption
  • Outdated equipment can cause suboptimal performance
  • Machines left running when operations have finished

To understand where and how to reduce energy consumption or monitoring changes, organizations need access to real-time data. Pressac sensors and gateways interact directly with AWS, allowing organizations to effectively monitor building consumption, giving users access to actionable data for more efficient energy use.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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Pressac EnOcean® current transducers (CT) are wireless and self-powered. They use ultra-low energy and require no batteries, making them easy to maintain. They are also easy to install for minimal interruption to electrical supply. They measure real-time current usage at circuit, zone, or machine level, to track usage over time and identify how and where energy savings exist.

This data is sent to a smart gateway, where it’s converted and delivered to AWS IoT Core to be analyzed and reviewed. From here, organizations can make informed decisions about energy use with the potential to save money.

RA pressac energy consumption


The energy monitoring solution measures current use at a granular level, giving you real-time live data to inform your decision making.

  • See real-time usage - Access live data from current consumption sensors to see where energy is being used.
  • Track use over time - Continuous monitoring lets you identify where you use and waste the most energy, allowing you to find energy saving solutions.
  • Monitor equipment - See which assets are switched on, ensure critical assets are functioning correctly and switch off assets not in use.
  • View the live data - The Pressac smart gateway converts the sensor data to industry-standard JSON and makes it available to the AWS platform.


Collects energy and data

  • Small, unobtrusive sensors measure the real time current usage at machine, room, or zone level.
  • Tracks current use over time to identify where current is used and wasted. 
  • Use this data to make effective decisions about energy use and where saving could be made.


  • Self-powered using ultra-low energy from the measured conductor, so there’s no need for batteries or wiring.
  • Energy harvesting using the EnOcean® protocol means the sensors are ultra low power, drawing tiny amounts of energy from their environment.
  • These sensors can be retrofitted, are extremely easy to install, and are very low maintenance.