Desk Occupancy Monitoring Solution for Healthy Workplaces

Detect real-time desk occupancy


The way we use workspace is changing and for many organizations some of these changes will be long term or even permanent. But even before the pandemic, workplaces were already changing beyond the traditional ‘office space’ as flexible working became the norm. The challenge now facing workplace and facilities managers is getting the balance right in their buildings. With no precedent for organizations to model their strategy around, how do they ensure health, safety, and wellbeing of staff, while still maximizing productivity and output? The Pressac smart gateway connects directly with AWS, allowing users to effectively monitor and control buildings. 

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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Pressac’s wireless desk occupancy sensors accurately detect real-time presence and continually monitor desk occupancy, so you can monitor desk utilization and implement smart desk and room booking. The small, discreet sensors simply stick to the underside of the desk and detect motion to tell you someone is present, or no longer present, within that space. They use ultra-low power wireless technology, so batteries typically last 3–5 years.

The occupancy data is sent wirelessly to Pressac’s smart gateway where it's converted to industry-standard JSON and delivered to the AWS platform to be analyzed and presented into meaningful dashboards. Workspace managers can make informed decisions about their office space - from space planning to cleaning routes and using smart software to effectively manage desk, room, and breakout zone usage.

Pressac_Keytree_Desk Monitoring_Architecture


See live desk availability, track desk usage, and understand how desks are being used for better workspace management.

  • Detect live presence - Access live occupancy data for demand-controlled space booking, lighting and HVAC.
  • Get updates as occupancy changes - Track usage to better manage desk booking and cleaning. 
  • Track utilization over time - Monitor employee workspace utilization over time to make better space planning decisions
  • View the live data - The smart gateway converts sensor data to industry-standard JSON, making it available to the AWS platform for analysis.


Monitors desk occupancy

  • Small, discreet sensors accurately monitor desk occupancy and send alerts when occupancy changes.
  • Can be configured to allow for short breaks away from the desk.
  • Easy to install, they simply stick to the underside of the desk.
  • Passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects motion within 180-degree radius to avoid detecting surrounding movement.

Ultra-low power, wireless technology

  • Ultra-low power technology, so batteries typically last 3–5 years.
  • Sensors transmit data using ultra-low power EnOcean® wireless protocol: up to 30 meters in buildings and 300 meters in free field.
  • Smart gateway receives data from our sensors, converts it into JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) then sends it to AWS IoT Core via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or LTE (4G).