Posted On: Dec 16, 2020

Member accounts in an AWS Organization can now set-up Cost & Usage Reports containing the specific cost and usage data for just their account. This will provide member account-level insights for cost optimization initiatives and save management account holders' time from having to generate detailed cost and usage data for their member accounts.

IAM users will require the same permissions to set-up a AWS Cost & Usage Report in a member account as they do for a management accounts (previously referred to as ‘master’ accounts, this is a name change in Organizations). Member account Cost & Usage reports will have the same setting options - time granularity, report output and S3 bucket designation - as management accounts. The only difference will be that management account reports will continue to include all accounts in its AWS Organization while member account reports will have only their individual account’s cost & usage data.

To learn more about how to streamline cost management and optimization activities in your Organization, please visit the Cost & Usage Reports User Guide and Cost Management FAQs.