Posted On: May 19, 2021

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling now natively supports Predictive Scaling so you can proactively scale out your Auto Scaling group to be ready for upcoming demand. Predictive Scaling can help you avoid the need to over-provision capacity, resulting in lower EC2 cost, while ensuring your application’s responsiveness. (Previously, Predictive Scaling was only available via AWS Auto Scaling Plans.)

Predictive Scaling is appropriate for applications that experience recurring patterns of steep demand changes, such as early morning spikes when business resumes. It learns from the past patterns and launches instances in advance of predicted demand, giving instances time to warm up. Predictive Scaling enhances existing Auto Scaling policies, such as Target Tracking or Simple Scaling, so that your applications scale based on both real-time metrics and historic patterns. You can preview how Predictive Scaling works with your Auto Scaling group by using “Forecast Only” mode.

Predictive Scaling is now available as a scaling policy type through AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), EC2 Auto Scaling Management Console, and AWS SDKs in all public AWS Regions. AWS CloudFormation support will be coming soon. To learn more, visit the Predictive Scaling page in the EC2 Auto Scaling documentation.