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Move fast and don't break things.

Move fast and don't break things.

In this free virtual event, you'll learn more about upgrading your application with better scalability, performance, and security.

30+ Sessions
Live Q&A With Experts
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Finite budget meets infinite possibilities.

With 5 tracks and 30+ sessions available, you can learn directly from AWS architects, developers, customers, and partners about how AWS can help you stay competitive while operating on a finite budget. Whether you're looking to improve price performance, build elastic and scalable modern applications, or migrate existing applications to AWS, this conference will help you increase your pace of innovation and create new customer experiences.

Take your business to the next level with Innovate - Every Application Edition's actionable sessions and get all your questions answered during our live Q&A. Save your virtual seat today!

Hear from the ones who've been there and done that.

Rahul Pathak

Tiffany Wissner
Product Marketing General Manager

Rahul Pathak

Rodrigo Gazzaneo 
Storage Specialist

Rahul Pathak

Ali Spittel
Developer Advocacy Manager

Rahul Pathak

Stephanie Shyu
Head of Graviton BD

Rahul Pathak

Sebastien Stormacq
Principal Developers Advocate


Rahul Pathak

James Beswick
Developer Advocacy Senior Manager

Who should attend?

This event is for IT leaders, developers, and builders who are curious about AWS.

Join us to learn how you can add value as you build and run virtually any workload; whether your application is in the cloud, on premises, or at the edge - AWS can help.

Sessions will explore how leveraging next-generation infrastructure, building new cloud native applications, and migrating existing enterprise applications on AWS can maximize reliability, security, and scalability.

Explore session tracks, just for you:

  • What's new with EC2?

    Amazon EC2 offers resizable compute capacity and flexible pricing to simplify web-scale computing. Learn what’s new with Amazon EC2 instances, networking functionality, and edge and hybrid offerings.

    Driving innovation and insight with AWS storage

    Every business is a data business, and data is growing at an unprecedented rate. In this session, learn how to build cost-effective, modern data architectures with data-driven insights using the AWS storage portfolio.

    Optimize performance and cost with AWS Graviton

    AWS Graviton-based Amazon EC2 instances deliver the best price-performance for a wide range of workloads. Learn about customers who have adopted them, and explore how you can benefit from Graviton.

    Milliseconds matter: Using edge networking to turbocharge your Internet-facing applications (part 1)

    Learn more about delivering global web applications with imperceptible response times using feature-rich, secure, and cost-effective AWS edge networking services.

    Milliseconds matter: Using edge networking to turbocharge your Internet-facing applications (part 2)

    Application availability and performance starts with your network. Continue to learn about AWS edge networking services with an exploration of non-HTTP traffic management and acceleration.

  • Design considerations when building highly available online applications

    Join us in this session to learn about patterns that you can implement now to address common availability risks that threaten your application.

    Pushing the boundary of the cloud to the edge

    This session dives deep on AWS hybrid and edge services and provides a primer on how key technical elements of these services work to allow you to run AWS services on premises or at edge locations.

    Deep-dive on hybrid and edge use cases for Gaming, Real Money Gaming, and M&E industries

    Dive into hybrid and edge use cases for gaming, Real Money Gaming, and M&E industries, with AWS hybrid and edge services reference architectures and integrated third-party solutions.

    Deep-dive on hybrid and edge use cases for healthcare and life sciences

    Dive into hybrid and edge use cases for healthcare and life science use cases, with AWS hybrid and edge services reference architectures and integrated third-party solutions.

    Taking advantage of AWS Cloud for macOS development

    Amazon EC2 Mac instances enable you to build, test, and deploy your Apple applications with the performance and cost benefits of AWS. Learn how these instances are improving the developer experience.

    Serverless applications with Amazon S3: Transform data with S3 Object Lambda

    Well-designed serverless applications are typically a combination of managed services connected by business logic. Learn about the most powerful combination for application development, Amazon S3 and AWS Lambda.

  • How to deploy containerized applications in a hybrid cloud environment

    Learn how to leverage the efficiencies and benefits of containers in a hybrid environment. Run containerized data processing workloads on your own hardware while maintaining reduced latency.

    Streamline the building and deployment of containerized applications

    Tools like AWS Copilot CLI and AWS CDK provide powerful abstractions built on best practices. Dive into use cases to see how these tools help development and platform teams meet objectives.

    Build extensible, full-stack web and mobile applications faster

    AWS Amplify offers tools and services that help front-end developers quickly build full-stack applications in hours. Learn how to quickly get started and scale as your needs evolve.

    Building scalable, serverless event-driven architectures

    Learn how to use event-based architecture to decouple and decentralize application components, connect microservices, and coordinate data flow using minimal custom code.

    Create engaging user experiences with real-time data using Pub/Sub APIs

    Join us to learn how Pub/Sub architectures and AWS AppSync help application developers leverage real-time data to create differentiated digital experiences for their customers.

    Thinking serverless: From user request to serverless solutions

    In this session, learn how to tackle a business problem from a customer perspective by breaking down needs into serverless building blocks that work well together. We highlight the power of distributed systems design and event-based architecture, as well as demonstrate how easy it is to turn a flowchart into a model for a serverless application.

  • Managing Security Events and Containers

    Come join the AWS CIRT as we highlight container security, including preventative, detective, and analysis techniques using native tooling integrated into AWS for EKS.

    Bootstrap building Kubernetes platforms on AWS with open-source tooling

    Learn how EKS Blueprints can help you configure complete EKS clusters that are fully bootstrapped with the operational software that is needed to deploy and operate workloads.

    Optimize Kubernetes autoscaling to improve performance and save costs

    Join us to learn and see how Karpenter, an open-source, flexible, high-performance Kubernetes cluster autoscaler, can be used to optimize costs.

    Deploying Amazon EKS Anywhere on premises

    Bring Cloud Native to your data center with Amazon EKS Anywhere. Learn how to manage clusters and deploy Kubernetes workloads in AWS or locally with EKS Anywhere.

    Amazon EKS with IPv6

    With the launch of IPv6 support in EKS, learn how to create IPv6 Kubernetes clusters with compatibility for IPv4 endpoints, allowing for greater capability in scaling your deployments on EKS.

    Amazon EKS Anywhere curated packages

    Learn about the operational software provided by Amazon for your EKS Anywhere clusters on-premises, how you can install and manage them, and what additional software will be added in the future.

  • Migrate and modernize enterprise workloads with AWS

    Ready to migrate and modernize your Windows, VMware, SAP, or Oracle applications? Learn from our 10+ years of experience about use cases, decision criteria, license considerations, and more.

    Accelerate your SAP S/4HANA transformation on AWS

    Join us to explore how SAP customers such as Beautycounter are using AWS to accelerate their S/4HANA transformation.

    Run your mission-critical Oracle ERP on AWS

    Join this session to learn about migrating and transforming Oracle applications on AWS. We will cover migration options, key innovations, use cases, license optimization opportunities, and more.

    Migration and modernization at scale with VMware Cloud on AWS

    Interested in application modernization? Considering hybrid cloud options? Join us to learn how VMware Cloud on AWS provides the fastest, safest path for migrating and modernizing VMware workloads.

    Enabling data-driven enterprises with data lakes for SAP

    Join us as we explore how SAP customers like Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Invista, and Zalando are using AWS data lakes to enable their data-driven enterprises.

    Modernize disaster recovery with VMware Cloud

    In this session, learn how VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery (VCDR) and VMware Cloud on AWS can provide a dependable, trusted, and easy-to-use disaster recovery solution that leverages on-demand cloud scaling.


Dive deep into any of the 30+ business and technical sessions. Don’t forget to prepare your questions and get them answered live by our AWS experts.


Frequently asked questions

Session levels designed for you

Level 100

Sessions are focused on providing an overview of AWS services and features, with the assumption that attendees are new to the topic.

Level 200

Sessions are focused on providing best practices, details of service features and demos with the assumption that attendees have introductory knowledge of the topics.

Level 300

Sessions dive deeper into the selected topic. Presenters assume that the audience has some familiarity with the topic, but may or may not have direct experience implementing a similar solution.

Level 400

Sessions are for attendees who are deeply familiar with the topic, have implemented a solution on their own already, and are comfortable with how the technology works across multiple services, architectures, and implementations.