Amazon FSx File Gateway

Fast, low-latency access on premises to fully managed file shares

Amazon FSx File Gateway optimizes on-premises access to fully managed, highly reliable file shares in Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. Customers with unstructured or file data, whether from SMB-based group shares, or business applications, may require on-premises access to meet low-latency requirements. Amazon FSx File Gateway helps accelerate your file-based storage migration to the cloud to enable faster performance, improved data protection, and reduced cost.

Amazon FSx File Gateway Overview (8:08)

How it works

How Amazon FSx File Gateway works


Improved latency with local caching

Amazon FSx File Gateway provides low-latency performance for frequently accessed data. This enables seamless read and write activity when files are shared between their on-premises locations and the cloud.

Windows-native compatibility

With Amazon FSx File Gateway, you can seamlessly access the Windows-native SMB capabilities of Amazon FSx for Windows File Server such as NTFS, Active Directory integration, and data deduplication.

Enhanced data protection

With access to Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, you can take advantage of automated, crash-consistent backups, and use AWS Backup for centralized backup and retention.

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