Posted On: Nov 5, 2020

Savings Plans is a flexible pricing model that offers savings of up to 72% on your Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and Amazon ECS with AWS Fargate type usage, in exchange for a commitment to a consistent amount of compute usage (measured in $/hour) for a 1 or 3 year term. When you purchase a Savings Plan, you will be charged the discounted Savings Plans price for your usage up to your commitment.

Starting today, you can subscribe to Savings Plans Alerts to be notified of Savings Plans expirations and upcoming queued Savings Plans purchases. You can configure settings to receive alerts 1, 7, 30, and/or 60 days prior to the end date of the existing Savings Plan or the start date of the queued purchase.

To turn on Savings Plans Alerts, navigate to the Savings Plans Overview page in the AWS Cost Management Console and click “Manage alert subscriptions.” From there, simply indicate how many days in advance you would like to receive Savings Plans Alerts. Savings Plans Alerts include expiration alerts and upcoming queued purchase notifications. From there, AWS will begin monitoring your Savings Plans portfolio and automatically send alerts to the email recipients you’ve subscribed. If you had already subscribed to Reservation Expiration Alerts as of November 5th 2020, you will be automatically subscribed to Savings Plans Alerts and will receive notifications according to the same preferences.

To get started using Savings Plans Alerts, you can refer to the Monitoring your Savings Plans With Cost Explorer user guide.