AWS Cost Categories

Map cost and usage information to your organizational structure

AWS Cost Categories is a feature within AWS Cost Management product suite that enables you to group cost and usage information into meaningful categories based on your needs. You can create custom categories and map your cost and usage information associated with selected accounts and/or cost allocation tags into these categories based on the rules defined by you. Once cost categories are set up and enabled, you will be able to view your cost and usage information by these categories starting at the beginning of the month in AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, and AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR).

Automatically categorize your cost information into custom groups

You can use AWS Cost Categories to define custom rules to map to your internal business and organizational structures. After defining categorization rules, the system will organize your costs starting at the beginning of the month. Customers can visualize and monitor spend by viewing these categories in AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, and Cost and Usage Report (‘CUR’).


Getting Started

Create your categories

Cost Categories enables you to define custom groups based on your AWS Cost and Usage dimensions, and automatically assigns all new usage line items to these categories. The name you give your cost category should be a familiar term to your organization (e.g. Cost Center, Project, Environment). This name will appear as the header of a new column in your Cost and Usage Report (‘CUR’) and as a filter in Cost Explorer and Budgets.

For example, if you view your organization as teams, you can name your cost category, ‘Teams’. There can be multiple teams in your organization and each team is made up of numerous accounts. You can use Cost Categories to categorize accounts into teams and have those groups appear in Cost Explorer, Budgets, and CUR.

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Define category rules

The rule builder allows you to create cost category values. These values represent the internal organizational units. Use category rules using custom logic to build groups of cost line items. You can define categories using the rule builder or the JSON editor.

Continuing with the example, you can build out two teams, one called Alpha and the other called Beta. In the first rule, you can give the value Alpha to certain accounts, choose the Accounts as dimension, and select the accounts that are in Team Alpha.

You can continue writing more rules for each team. Each rule has priority order so the first rules will have precedence over the later rules.

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Visualize your categories in AWS Cost Explorer

After creating a Cost Category, it will take about 8 hours before you can view them in your cost management suite of products. You can simply click “View in Cost Explorer” from the Cost Categories console, or you can also view these in Cost Explorer or Budgets. 

Similar to Cost Allocation Tags, you can filter and group by Cost Categories by first selecting the Cost Category name, then its corresponding value.

In CUR, the Cost Category Name will appear as a new column and its associated costs will have the value.

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