Data governance in the age of regulation and compliance requirements

Reduce security and privacy risks and meet compliance needs with a de-identified data lake

Data Governance

Today’s companies amass a large amount of consumer data, including personally identifiable information (PII). This data contains a wealth of information that analysts can use to improve your business offerings; yet the sensitive data contained within must be protected to retain customer trust as well as comply with privacy regulations and mandates.

A de-identified data lake (DIDL) is an architectural approach designed to help organizations use data as a competitive differentiator, while reducing the risks associated with managing all their data, particularly personally identifiable information. A DIDL helps solve the data privacy problem by de-identifying and protecting sensitive information, before it even enters your data lake. By minimizing storage and use of PII, you can significantly reduce the risk for data breaches and misuse of data, and lower compliance costs. All without losing the ability to understand and use your data for competitive advantage.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) DIDL solutions help enterprises get to the root cause of risk when it comes to data architectures and protecting PII. A DIDL on AWS can help you discover, identify, catalog, monitor, and protect your data. By remove personally identifiable information before it enters your data lake, you can continue to create value for you and your customers, without the risk.

AWS has a comprehensive partner network full of compliance and governance tooling that have integrated into various AWS data technologies. Using AWS and data lake solutions from AWS Partner Network (APN) Competency Partners, you can take steps toward achieving General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) compliance. A de-identified data lake also helps to increase data quality and value by creating data sets that can be shared and re-used in controlled ways.


AWS offers a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations--without the costs of maintaining facilities and hardware.


Cloud-based compliance offers a lower cost of entry, easier operations, and improved agility by providing more oversight, security control, and centralized automation.

Cost effective

On AWS, you don't have to purchase or maintain physical servers or storage devices. Insteaad, you use software-based security tools to monitor and protect the flow of information into and out of your cloud resources and pay only for what you use.

Advantages of AWS Data Governance for Data and Analytics

Data catalog

A data catalog management system that monitors every asset in the data lake and provides data stewards the ability to manage access to data assets.


Extract, Transform, and Load services that integrate with policy-based masking services.


A policy-based solution that extracts and masks sensitive PII data before it ever lands in a data lake.

Matching and de-identified data transfer

Securely transfer second-party data using a decentralized trust model.

Protect customer privacy while enriching data analytics

Effectively complying with global privacy lawslike the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires an automated technology solution that discovers and protects sensitive data across a variety of repositories—and, ideally, preserves the business value and availability of that data.

DgSecure, an automated, no-coding, policy-based data privacy solution from Dataguise, helps simplify compliance with numerous privacy regulations, including GDPR. DgSecure immediately identifies and masks sensitive data, and protects and monitors that data on an ongoing basis.

Watch this webinar to learn how Trōv Insurance Solutions, an insurance agency licensed to sell on-demand property and casualty insurance products, adopted DgSecure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to anonymize production data to help comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations. The solution helps Trōv meet privacy standards while enabling its analytics teams to use data to better serve its clients.  

Webinar Topic: Protect customer privacy while enriching data analytics
AWS Presenter: Ryan Peterson, Global Technology Segment Lead, Data
Partner Presenter: Anhad Preet Singh, Enterprise Architect, Dataguise

Build a trusted data sharing capability with Data Republic

Innovative companies know they need to quickly analyze data, increase its capacity to be shared, and move faster than competitors to make business decisions based upon data insights. At the same time, they face stringent benchmarks for data security and control, regulatory requirements, and data governance.

Learn how ANZ, a large Australian bank, uses Data Republic’s Senate Platform—deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS)—to confidently and quickly analyze and share internal and external datasets. The Senate Platform applies robust legal, governance, and licensing workflows and enables ANZ to leverage its data while remaining confident that customer privacy and PII is protected.

Webinar Topic: Build a trusted data sharing capability with Data Republic
AWS Presenter: Ryan Peterson, Global Technology Segment Lead, Data
Partner Presenter: Frank McKenna, Chief Product Officer, Data Republic

Get GDPR-ready data repositories with governed ETL solutions

Recent changes in personal data regulation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), are forcing businesses globally to examine their customer information assets and to create systems for cleaning and purging personally identifiable information (PII) within their analytics architecture.

Okta, one of the world’s leading enterprise data security companies, made GDPR compliance a top priority for 2018. As part of its overall approach to meeting GDPR standards, Okta used Etleap—a governed ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) solution that is fully integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS)—to create a unified data repository on AWS that unblocks analysts and meets GDPR requirements.

Watch our webinar to hear from AWS data governance experts and the leadership teams at Okta and Etleap. Learn how your organization can create unified, compliant, and analyst-friendly data repositories on AWS.

Webinar Topic: Get GDPR-ready data repositories with governed ETL solutions
AWS Presenter: Ryan Peterson, Global Technology Segment Lead, Data
Partner Presenter: Christian Romming, Founder and CEO, Etleap

A governed self-service data platform accelerates insights

Today's enterprises need a faster way to get to business insights. That means broader access to high-value analytics data to support a wide array of use cases. Moving data repositories to the cloud is a natural step. Companies need to create a modern, scalable infrastructure for that data. At the same time, controls must be in place to safeguard data privacy and comply with regulatory requirements.

In this webinar, Zaloni will share its experience and best practices for creating flexible, responsive, and cost-effective data lakes for advanced analytics that leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS). Zaloni’s reference solution architecture for a data lake on AWS is governed, scalable, and incorporates the self-service Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP).

Webinar Topic: A governed self-service data platform accelerates insights
AWS Presenter: Ryan Peterson, Global Technology Segment Lead, Data
Partner Presenter: Scott Gidley, VP of Product, Zaloni

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