Position: Data Center Technician

Before joining AWS Japan, I worked as infrastructure engineer at an independent systems integrator for over 10 years.
While on assignment at client companies in Japan, such as communication carriers, electrical manufacturers, and foreign oil companies (data centers), I gained various experience in operating foundation systems (infrastructure systems) and replacing systems (design and structure).

Data center operations means various types of work. Data Center Technicians handle hardware maintenance and emergency responses when the service goes down. As we operate 24/365 to support critical fundamental parts for AWS services, I feel the weight of our responsibility but it also provides me with motivation and a feeling of fulfillment. 
We are aware that we hold valuable data for many businesses. Based on strict operation rules, we put their data security as the first priority. Apart from the hardware maintenance work, there are opportunities to participate in data center business expansions, which give me wide-ranging experiences on a daily basis.
Also, the majority of my coworkers are not Japanese and we use English as our main communication method. Therefore, I sometimes feel like I’m working outside of Japan.

After getting involved in cloud services and data center operations at my recent assignee company and another foreign company, it made me think about learning more about these areas. At that time, I had the chance to be exposed to AWS services, and it pushed me to search for possibilities to interact more with technologies that support rapidly growing services.

Because AWS is an extremely large organization, data center related work (Infrastructure) is fragmented into many teams that each perform their own daily work. I think I am in a great work space which gives me the advantage of searching for new possibilities for my own career growth without being held in by past work experience.
One of the unique appeals of working in a global company is that it is possible to transfer overseas sites while staying in AWS.