Logistics Specialist

I was very interested in a Logistics specialist role, however I did not have the experience for that role. The team has recently started with the trainee program and when I learnt about that at the career fair I was so excited and I decided to join this program. In fact I was the first trainee for the Logistics team.
There are so many things to learn in this role, the entire process of receive parts, maintaining records of all commodities, waybills and shipping procedures, inventory, budgeting and check-out parts as needed to Data center Technicians and Engineers.  Honestly I never knew a server will have so many parts, I feel good about building my skills in this field.

I had no idea what a Data center is nor did I ever knew what the role of logistics team is and how important they are for the team.

I joined as a trainee, learnt so much about the role of a logistics specialist. Started with supporting one site and now I have multiple sites that I am responsible for and have end to end understanding of everything that I need to take care of.

If you have interest and curiosity, apply for the trainee role. Do not hesitate if you don't have any knowledge or experience you will be able to build up your knowledge through this program and the team is very supportive.

Literally, it's Diversity in the team that I enjoy the most. We have members from so many different cultures and countries, different thoughts, belief, respect for each other, strength and so much to learn from each other.

My mentors are talented, generous and very patient, everyone is so enthusiastic and passionate about their work. Always insisting on high standards, there is so much could learn from them and still continue to.

I love to see theater plays, movies, and play games!