Position: DCGS Field Engineering Manager ( APAC )

Tenure: 6 years 3 months

I started my career 20 years ago in engineering as a CAD technician, over a number of years I went back part time to university getting my Degree in Building Services engineering while working at the same time. I moved between consultancy firms and contractors as well as working for a government organization for a short while as a design engineering. I came to Asia in 2009 and started working as a commissioning engineer and client representative focused on testing, commissioning and oversight of engineering system designs for mainly banks and data centers, this was my introduction to the data center world! In 2013 I worked as a contractor commissioning Amazons first built data center in Japan, soon after that I applied for a position and became an Amazonian!

Currently I manage the Field Engineering team for the APAC region, my teams role involves providing subject matter expert ( SME ) support for the operations teams when the engineering systems do not work as intended or in those times unfortunately when they fail. We are also busy making sure that we make the best use of the power, space and cooling we have designed and built to maximize our returns and give the best value to our customers. It has been an exciting time over the last nearly six years as when I started I was the only member of my team in APAC and we were just starting to build our first data center. Today my team has grown to 15 engineers across 6 countries, 5 languages and 4 time zones! As we continue to grow as a business as will my team to meet the needs of the business which is another hugely exciting part of my role.
The future in Amazon right now has never been more exciting, we are designing and building more and more data centers all over APAC and the world to continue to be the world’s number one provider of cloud services. With this huge growth comes huge opportunities to learn and experience a wide range of different challenges with keeping all of this running smoothly and efficiently.
Nearly six years into my time in Amazon and at times I still feel as though I am only getting started! We have a high bar for all our people which makes working here all the more rewarding. Different roles will of course have different requirements however I am comfortable in saying that if you join Amazon you can have a career full of opportunities and in many cases work in a role which may offer a far greater degree of flexibility to make your work and family life balance suit you while still growing and being part of the huge growth that is Amazon.