Position: Data Center Engineering Operation

After graduating from university, I started working at an ICT company in Japan that has global sites and networks. I have gained experience in various IT services (both inside and outside of Japan) and data center related projects for 6 years. In my first year, I was in charge of maintaining operations at a service management company inside of Japan. After that, I was stationed in the Indonesian subsidiary for a year, and managed projects including designing IT service structures and operations and IT infrastructure build out. After coming back to Japan, I engaged myself in managing data center infrastructure, designing operations, and establishing equipment management systems (DCIM) in Asia, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, while on short-term business trips.

Data center is mission critical system where a wide and comprehensive technical knowledge base is gathered. As part of a team that manages equipment and facilities in the data center such as electricity, air conditioning, and racks, I manage various projects related to infrastructure maintenance operations and capacity expansion. There are various sub-teams in the AWS Data Center Infrastructure team, such as IT and Network, Cabling, Construction, and Security, and we work with these teams on a daily basis.

After learning about AWS products and vision, I strongly felt that they would continue to have a positive impact on the world for many years to come. Having learned Amazon leadership principles and work policy of “work hard, have fun, make history”, I thought that Amazon culture and my ideal work style would match, and decided to work at Amazon.

As AWS is still new and rapidly growing both inside and outside of Japan, one of the aspects is the chance you have not only to follow the existing processes, but actually also deciding on or searching for solutions for issues on your own initiative. Another appealing point is diversity; being able to work and collaborate with people who have various backgrounds. Going forward, I would like to participate in global-level projects such as operational process improvements and new region launch supports both inside and outside of Japan, while continuing to gain more experience in data center infrastructure.