Tenure: 1 year 4 months

I worked on the service provider side of the data center ( Colocation, Service to host servers in common areas ) . Prior to that, I spent 9 months studying English in Seattle, USA, where Amazon is headquartered.

I was very interested in how decisions are made and how data centers are operated after witnessing the growth rapidly and business expansion of AWS. I was also interested in the innovation of AWS as a world leader in cloud computing, constantly developing new technologies and services, and I wanted to grow and build my career while being involved in cutting-edge technologies.

We install and maintain hardwares such as servers and network equipment in the data center, which is the foundation of the cloud services used by customers every day, and troubleshoot to identify and solve problems when these devices have issues. We also ensure the smooth operation of the data center by communicating and collaborating with other related departments involved in data center operations.

If there is something I don't understand, my colleagues and mentors are sincerely willing to give me advice and help me solve it. Working in a team with diverse backgrounds and cultures, we respect each other and are exposed to a variety of perspectives and ideas, which is very stimulating and makes me realize the importance of diversity. I also learn a lot from talking with my colleagues about cuisines and customs in their countries through daily communication.

AWS is a rapidly growing company, and working in this environment will allow you to use your abilities and skills to grow and develop through a constant stream of new challenges and learning. AWS is one of the companies that leads the future of technology, and working as a member of AWS will make you to discover new possibilities for yourself.