DCEO(Data Center Engineering Operations) Facility Engineer

Tenure: 1 year

I worked for a system integration company who provides large-scale systems to the finance industry and government and was engaged in facility management for the company owned data centers. In addition of being involved into multiple tasks from land selection to construction and operation for the newly established data center, I also gained various experiences in business aspects such as building utilization strategies and budgeting.

AWS data centers are operated by multiple teams. My team, Data Center Engineering Operations ( DCEO ) is responsible for the facility, such as electrical and air conditioning/cooling equipment in the data center. Operations includes 24x7 risk management for the electrical and air conditioning equipment, while technical project management skills are required to provide timely facility preparation according to the specifications of server racks being delivered daily. There are many opportunities to manage projects using knowledge that is relevant. For example, when planning the maintenance of electrical equipment and air conditioning equipment, we take into consideration how the state of the equipment will transition during maintenance, and take sufficient risk countermeasures calculating the impact from the facility side to the rack level. There are various standard operations which are being actively updated and I feel that AWS data centers are evolving day by day.

In my previous job, I was involved in facility management for data centers in on-premises environments. I saw many enterprise customers who have large-scale systems shifting to the cloud and felt that cloud services have great potential to change the world. I joined AWS because I wanted to contribute my data center knowledge that I gained over the years to cloud services.

At AWS, we have multiple opportunities for talent to grow. Our team is quite diverse and we have a multicultural environment, this environment helps you an individual to grow by getting hands on exposure, part of multiple projects, supporting each other and many opportunities to plan and improve to support our customers with the best. I am happy to be a part to this team and also leveraging all the opportunities in my current role. We have also seen our members in our team who started as Engineer are now a manager, transitioned to different team like TPM, BD etc

Considering the confidentiality of the AWS data centers, we are not in a position to share a lot of details. However, as the business expands, the AWS data center is also expanding rapidly, and there are multiple opportunities to utilize your technical and engineering skills through daily operations. There are so many different things we learn each day and that is what excites me. Amazon culture is unique and as it says every day is DAY1 so learning never stops. Our unique Leadership Principle (LP), which is rooted in our business not only at the time of hiring, but also for small decisions and feedback. If you would like to learn, raise the bar of your technical skills, get exposure to the best in class technology and looking for a place to grow with the growth of the company this is the team to be at. Come join us.