Data Center Engineering Operations ( DCEO )

I joined Amazon Data Service Japan ( ADSJ ) in August 2020. I started as a “Data Center Engineering Operations ( DCEO ) Trainee ". As a trainee I have been working on the maintenance, operation, and management of data centers as a supporter for core members. Specifically, in addition to construction, maintenance, and rack installation of servers and network equipment, minutes of daily meetings. I successfully completed the trainee program in Jan 2021 , and in Feb 2021 I started as a full-time employee and a member of the core team.
A Data Center consists of various equipment such as electrical / mechanical equipment, control system / firefighting related equipment. Trainee program is designed for employees who do not have technical experience and are looking to start a career in Data Center facility management.   This program allows us to learn and develop our skills necessary for data center maintenance, operations and management. The training provided by the team covers everything in detail such as understanding of each equipment used at a data center along with details ( names/usage ), maintenance of electrical equipment, air conditioning equipment, hand on experience to understand procedure for fixing the rack on the exact server, understanding how the power supply connection is managed.
In addition, there is also on the job training ( hands on exp ) by working with senior employees in the site locations. Since this was a new industry for me I had no relevant work experience, initially I didn't understand much due to limited knowledge however working closely with the team, taking notes, asking questions and the training provided helped me in building my skills relevant for the Job.
There are tasks that can be learned by the trainee program curriculum, also there are monthly tests that helps in tracking the progresses of a trainees at the sites. The program is designed for 6 to 12 months depending on each individual’s capacity and ability to learn the timeframe can vary.
The most important thing to help you grow are the employees in the team, the team provided me an environment where I was able to freely communicate, ask questions, clear my doubts on everything that was needed for me to be successfully able to perform the duties of a DCEO. There were times I had difficulty in studying about electrical equipment, but I was able to resolve my doubts because there are employees who are very familiar and had the necessary background to explain me everything in detail and support as needed.
In addition, I use to have monthly catch up with my manager, where we discussed about my work, learning, gaps, difficulties I am facing and what the team can do to support me, I was freely able to discuss everything with him without any hesitation.  My performance was also tracked via a feedback sheet that helped me in understanding my performance, learnings, identify gaps to improve havening visibility to this gave me a direction on how to improve and areas to focus.
Amazon believes in providing the best environment to all of employees where anyone, not just women can work comfortably. Employee safety and comfort is the utmost priority for the company and team. As a DCEO I do shift work (day shift and night shift); the break rooms that we have at the facility are is equipped with all the necessary things and provides us a comfortable working environment we have beds, clean washrooms etc. There is also a lounge at the site where I work, and I enjoy relaxing during breaks. The return rate of employees who took maternity leave is also very high. There are meetings where women working in data centers gather to discuss their daily work, brainstorm on new ideas, casual catchups.
Internet is a necessity for everyone in today’s environment and ability to access data from any part of the world is the need of the hour. Our work contributes to provide stable operation for multiple users from different industries. We are the workforce as “essential” for society; from e-learning and online gaming to telemedicine and work from home- video conferencing, life would grind to a halt if not for data center operation team.  
In terms of my career, the most attractive thing is that I have an ability to use both the languages Japanese and English at my work, have accumulated new expertise based on my previous experience in facility management. Also, as we have a diverse team and each one is specialized in different areas I have an opportunity to learn so much and also get different perspectives. Amazon indeed is committed to a culture of equality and having the platform where my voice is heard and I am recognized keeps me motivated.
At ADSJ, we have employee from diverse backgrounds that helps us innovate and learn from each other. The trainee program will allow you to develop your technical skills in a new field and industry that is growing at a large scale. The trainee is new and this will provide you with ample of opportunity to start your career and gow. Believe in yourself and expand your possibilities !