Amazon CodeWhisperer

Build applications faster with the ML-powered coding companion

Accelerate application development with automatic code recommendations based on the code and comments in your IDE.

Empower developers to responsibly use artificial intelligence (AI) to create syntactically correct and secure applications.

Generate entire functions and logical code blocks without having to search for and customize code snippets from the web.

Stay focused and never leave the IDE, with real-time customized code recommendations for all your Java, Python, and JavaScript projects.

How it works

Amazon CodeWhisperer is a machine learning (ML)–powered service that helps improve developer productivity by generating code recommendations based on their comments in natural language and code in the integrated development environment (IDE).

CodeWhisperer in action

  • C#
  • C#

    The example shows how CodeWhisperer generates a method to delete all the files and objects in a given S3 bucket.

  • TypeScript
  • TypeScript

    The example shows how CodeWhisperer generates a function rendering comma-separated value text to an HTML DOM Table object.

  • Python
  • Python

    The example shows how CodeWhisperer generates code to use AWS APIs to upload files to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

  • Java
  • Java

    The example shows how CodeWhisperer generates code to convert data from JSON format to XML format.

  • JavaScript
  • JavaScript

    The example shows how CodeWhisperer generates code to render objects in the UI using React.

Use cases

Develop next-gen applications

Accelerate frontend and backend development by empowering developers with automatic code recommendations.

Use ML in your applications

Save time and effort by using CodeWhisperer to generate code to build and train your ML models.

Build applications using AWS services

Speed up the development process with code recommendations for AWS APIs across the most popular services, including Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3.

Automate unit test generation

Offload writing repetitive unit test code. Based on natural language comments, CodeWhisperer automatically recommends unit test code that matches your implementation code.

How to get started

Set up CodeWhisperer for JetBrains

Enable CodeWhisperer with the AWS Toolkit for JetBrains. 

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Set up CodeWhisperer for Visual Studio Code

Start working with CodeWhisperer and the AWS Toolkit for VS Code.

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Set up CodeWhisperer for AWS Cloud9

Use AWS Cloud9 with CodeWhisperer.

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