Amazon HealthLake Imaging

Store, access, and analyze medical images in the cloud at petabyte scale

The volume of medical imaging data has continued to accelerate over the past decade with over 5.5 billion imaging procedures done each year. Since 2008, the average number of imaging procedures assigned to radiologists in the US has increased from 58 to 100 per day, all while the average image study size has doubled to 150 MB – slowing down decision making. With HealthLake Imaging, healthcare providers and their software partners can run their medical imaging applications in the cloud to increase scale while also reducing infrastructure costs. HealthLake Imaging helps providers reduce the total cost of medical imaging storage up to 40% by running their medical imaging applications from a single, authoritative copy of patient imaging data in the cloud. HealthLake Imaging enables access to medical imaging data with sub-second image retrieval latencies at scale powered by cloud-native APIs and applications from AWS partners. Providers can realize the cost savings of transitioning to the cloud while preserving low latency performance, enabling them to focus their time and resources to deliver high quality patient care.


Reduce total cost of ownership

Reduce costs up to 40% by employing advanced compression and storing a single copy of medical images in the cloud.

Sub-second image access

Enable access to medical imaging data with sub-second image retrieval latencies from anywhere powered by cloud-native APIs and applications.

Automated infrastructure management

Reduce the burden of infrastructure management to focus time and resources on delivering high quality patient care.

Robust partner network

Supported by major medical imaging independent software vendors (ISVs) to upgrade medical imaging operations to be cloud-native.

How it works

Use cases

Enterprise imaging

Store and stream medical imaging directly from the AWS Cloud while preserving low latency performance and high availability.

AI/ML research

Run AI/ML inference over the imaging archive with support from other tools and services.

Long-term image archival

Save cost on long-term image archival while maintaining sub-second image retrieval access.

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