AWS Built-in Competency Partner Solutions

Partner software integrated with AWS native services designed to jumpstart your cloud journey

AWS customers rely on AWS and their partner network to power their businesses and help them increase efficiency in their cloud journey.  When it comes to choosing third-party software, you need assurance that the tools you use are built from the ground-up to include foundational AWS services to help you achieve your business goals for scale, simplicity, and operational cost control in cloud. Partners with AWS Built-in software help address the diverse needs of our multi-account customers. These partners offer a variety of solutions to decrease risk, reduce operational overhead, and provide consistent observability.

The AWS Competency Partner Program is designed to identify, validate, and promote AWS Partners with demonstrated AWS technical expertise and proven customer success. The AWS Competency Partner Program has validated partner software with AWS Built-in.

AWS Built-in Solutions Overview

AWS Built-in Competency partner solutions install, configure, and integrate with key foundational AWS services using a well-architected Modular Code Repository (MCR) in an automated deployment package validated by AWS experts, increasing time to value. This automated integration is independently verified by AWS and saves hours, days, or even weeks of vendor integration testing.

By streamlining the integration process, we empower customers to fully harness the benefits of foundational AWS native services while taking advantage of the rich functionality and capabilities of third-party solutions. Our objective is to facilitate a unified and cohesive experience for customers, eliminating the complexities associated with combining different software and data sources.

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Customer Benefits

Software + AWS Native Working Together

AWS Built-in Competency partner solutions automate the installation process and streamline value-added services that are critical for long-term success and drive business value.

Increase Speed and Agility in the Cloud

Improve your security posture and operational efficiency with automation, configuration, and scale across your AWS environment with AWS Built-in Competency partners.

Set up the Right Foundation for Innovation

AWS Built-in Competency partner solutions start with a solid cloud foundation through automatic installation of the right AWS Native Services focused on security and scalability, saving you valuable business resources.

AWS Built-in Multi-account Categories

Multi-account solutions focused on Security that help you identify,  prioritize, mitigate threats, and gain visibility into suspicious activities.

Multi-account solutions focused on Cloud Operations use cases that include the building blocks of AWS Cloud Foundational services to automate and optimize customer workloads.

Connect with AWS Built-in Competency Partners

Drive innovation, meet business objectives, and get the most out of your AWS services by partnering with technically validated AWS Partners.

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