Application Integration on AWS

Integrate distributed systems and serverless applications with less code
Application integration on AWS is a suite of services that enable communication between decoupled components within microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications. You don’t need to refactor your entire architecture to benefit - decoupling applications at any scale can reduce the impact of changes, making it easier to update and faster to release new features.
Develop with agility
By using application integration services to connect your apps, you no longer need to write custom code to enable interoperability. This also limits extra code that may be repeated in your microservices and functions.
Focus on innovation
Application integration services shift your operational responsibilities to AWS, so you can focus on development and innovation. With automatic scaling, you no longer need to provision, patch, and manage servers.
Scale and fail independently
Decoupling your app with application integration services allows them to remain interoperable, but if one service has a failure or spike in workload, it won’t affect the rest of them.
Message with confidence
Application integration messaging services can accommodate any level of throughput and use cross-availability zone message storage to provide high availability and durability.

AWS Application Integration services

Category What is it AWS service
API Management Create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale for serverless workloads and web applications Amazon API Gateway
Create a flexible API to securely access, manipulate, and combine data from one or more data sources AWS App Sync
Event Bus Build an event-driven architecture that connects application data from your own apps, SaaS, and AWS services Amazon EventBridge
Messaging Reliable high throughput pub/sub, SMS, email, and mobile push notifications Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Message queue that sends, stores, and receives messages between application components at any volume Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
Message broker for Apache ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ that makes migration easy and enables hybrid architectures Amazon MQ
No-code API Integration Automate the flow of data between SaaS applications and AWS services at nearly any scale, without code. Amazon AppFlow
Workflows Coordinate multiple AWS services into serverless workflows so you can build and update apps quickly AWS Step Functions
Run Apache Airflow at scale without provisioning or managing infrastructure Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA)
Automate transformation of EDI documents to JSON and XML to simplify downstream integrations AWS B2B Data Interchange
Automated Test Library Create and run automated integration tests to validate event-driven applications in the AWS Cloud
AWS Integrated Application Test Kit

“We now have an agile, scalable foundation on which to do all kinds of amazing things. Much like with the exploration of space, we’re just starting to imagine all that we can do with it.”

- Bryan Walls
Imagery Experts Deputy Program Manager, NASA