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Leader in providing secure communication in Brazil, GSURF offers cloud-based solutions for electronic payment methods.

“AWS Payment Cryptography is helping us create cloud-native and low-latency payment applications that take advantage of AWS services, resources, and support, simplifying integration and lowering costs when compared to using traditional HSMs.”

Mateus Pokreviescki, CTO, GSURF

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REMISE Corporation

REMISE Corporation is a payment solution pioneer, providing an extraordinary payment experience with its imaginative and independent technology. Chosen by over 10,000 businesses across Japan, REMISE delivers a diverse range of services from EC, Card Present, MOTO, and automated payments, to key injection and cloud HSM.

“Our services require a high level of security and availability in compliance with the PCI DSS and PCI P2PE standards for the key management. AWS Payment Cryptography helps us achieve these in a smart and efficient management process and reduces both the compliance workload and the maintenance burden. With AWS Payment Cryptography, we also expect a rise in the number of transactions processed.”

Shunsuke Oike, Senior Manager, Remise

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Valor PayTech

Valor PayTech LLC is a financial technology company that specializes in providing payment processing solutions to businesses. The company offers a range of payment processing services, including mobile payments, online payments, and point-of-sale systems. It is known for its commitment to providing secure, reliable, and innovative payment solutions that help businesses grow and succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

“AWS Payment Cryptography offers a more secure and cost-effective way to manage cryptographic keys and protect sensitive data in the cloud. Businesses can scale their security infrastructure as needed, without the need for physical hardware installation and maintenance, reducing costs and increasing flexibility. Additionally, it provides a level of protection that is difficult to achieve with traditional software-based encryption, helping businesses meet regulatory compliance requirements and ensuring data security.”

Abubacker Nainamohamed, CTO, Valor PayTech

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XStak Inc. is an integrated B2B SaaS platform for retailers, offering composable financial, retail, and marketing technology modules. This allows for a seamless implementation of any omnichannel retail strategy on a usage based pricing model.

“At XPay, a payment orchestration platform from XStak, customer experience and security go hand-in-hand. While building tokenization and one-click checkout solutions, we chose AWS Payment Cryptography over other services due to its security, PCI compliance, developer experience, and ease of use. We built a complete solution in weeks due to its simple and easy to use API. AWS Payment Cryptography enabled us to offer tokenization based use cases by maintaining the highest standards of security."

Ali Raza, Software Architect, XStak


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Cognizant is an AWS Partner that helps accelerate your cloud transformation and drive transformative business outcomes through the AWS Cloud.

“AWS Payment Cryptography, in collaboration with Cognizant’s payment Center of Excellence team, helps modernize hardware security for card-based payments, accelerating the payment modernization journey to AWS Cloud.”

Matthew Lee, Global Banking and Financial Services CTO, Cognizant

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