Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab

Collaborate with experts to accelerate the development of quantum solutions

The Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab will help you get ready for quantum computing.

Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab engagements are collaborative research programs that allow you to work with leading experts in quantum computing, machine learning, optimization, and high-performance computing. The programs help you research and identify the most promising applications of quantum computing for your business and get quantum ready.

How it works

Life Sciences

Build a proof-of-concept

Identify target use cases specific to your business and work backwards to develop quantum prototypes and state-of-the-art classical solutions.

Iterate on the process

Continue to test quantum and classical hardware limits. Use AWS expertise and services to find potential advantages with the solutions available today.

Innovate for the long-term

Jointly discover novel approaches and develop IP. Benchmark applications in preparation for advances in quantum hardware.

Use Cases

Read how the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab is solving problems with customers. Discover more in the AWS Quantum Technologies Blog.

Robot path optimization

BMW Group partnered with the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab to develop an algorithm to optimize robot motion with a number of constraints. Together we demonstrated a 10% improvement in robot motion runtime.

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Fraud detection

Fraud spans multiple industries and can be difficult to detect. The Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab demonstrated the feasibility of graph-based fraud detection using hybrid quantum annealing techniques.

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Binary paint shop

The Volkswagen Group and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab used Quantum Approximate Optimization to minimize the number of paint swaps in a POC for a small number of vehicles with a random order of cars to paint.

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