With Amazon SNS, you can send SMS (text) messages to 200+ countries and for an expanded set of use-cases such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and One Time Passwords (OTP). Amazon SNS has no upfront costs and you can pay as you go. With Amazon SNS, you can also mark your SMS messages as Transactional or Promotional based on the use-case and content of your messages. To learn more about message types, visit the FAQs.

The price for sending SMS messages varies between countries, regions, and in some cases, between carriers in the same country or region based on the telecom carrier of the destination phone number. The prices below are provided for guidance only, and change frequently. Once you’ve sent some messages, use the daily usage reports to get the exact pricing per message in USD.

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Effective August 1, 2021, the carrier fee for SNS SMS messages sent using a toll-free number as origination identity to US destinations, will increase to $0.0025 per message.

When sending SMS using Amazon SNS, depending on the destination country, you will need to purchase and use dedicated origination identities. For more information refer to Origination identities for SMS messages in the Amazon SNS documentation. For country specific requirements when sending SMS, please refer to special requirements pages for India, and the US.

Important: To use one of these supported origination identities, you must use the Amazon Pinpoint console to purchase the origination phone numbers. You will be charged based on the resource type as indicated below. Once purchased and activated, you can use these phone numbers as origination IDs in Amazon SNS to send SMS messages to your recipients.

A long code is a standard phone number (10-digit in many countries) used to send SMS messages. A long code is not always required to send an SMS message as countries support different types of origination identities for SMS. You can use dedicated long codes with Amazon SNS by registering for long codes in the Amazon Pinpoint console. For instructions on how to purchase and use long codes, visit Requesting Long Codes in Amazon SNS documentation.

10DLC is a 10-digit phone number used in the United States. In order to use a 10DLC number you will need to register your company and create a 10DLC campaign through the Amazon Pinpoint console. Afterwards, you can associate a 10DLC number with your 10DLC campaign. For more information, visit 10DLC page.

The following are required registration and monthly fees associated with using 10DLC.

  1. Company registration: $4 one-time fee per company
  2. 10DLC campaign registration: $50 one-time fee for T-Mobile registration. This fee is waived until further notice.
  3. 10DLC campaign monthly: $10 for each approved regular 10DLC campaign, $2 for each approved low-volume 10DLC campaign.
  4. 10DLC phone number monthly: $1 for each 10DLC phone number.
Once a 10DLC number is registered, and activated on your account using Amazon Pinpoint console, you may then use the number as a valid origination ID to send SMS using Amazon SNS.

A toll-free number is a 10-digit number that begins with one of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833. Currently Amazon SNS only supports SMS-enabled toll-free numbers in the United States. Toll-free numbers can be purchased on the Amazon Pinpoint console with a monthly lease price of $2.

Amazon SNS supports dedicated short codes. Short codes are short number sequences (between 3 and 8 digits, depending on the country or region) for sending SMS messages. Short codes are easier to type and memorize than traditional phone numbers. In some countries, short codes will result in higher deliverability rates. You can purchase short codes for several different countries and regions directly through AWS. For pricing information or to request dedicated short codes for other countries, open a case in the AWS Support Centre. For more information, please visit our short code documentation.

See pricing below for frequently requested countries.

Country One-time setup fee Monthly fee Estimated provision time **
United States $650 $995 12 weeks




16 weeks

United Kingdom



16 weeks




12 weeks

India *



3 weeks




3 weeks




4 weeks

Please open a support case for review

*Only supports ILDO traffic
**Provisioning time starts after: 1) All carrier-required information and documentation have been submitted, and 2) after carriers have no additional feedback or changes requiring to be made. The time does not start when the initial request was raised. Amazon will give feedback on your submission so that it complies with common carrier feedback. After the Short Code application has addressed all Amazon feedback on common carrier criteria, the application will be sent to the mobile carriers. Each individual mobile carrier will assess the application within their individual, and separate review/approval processes. Carriers can require additional information or request that you make changes to the Short Code application or provided mockups. Estimated carrier provision times are a guideline based on historical timelines, and are not guaranteed to apply to future registrations as some Short Codes might take longer to provision depending on use case and/or carrier feedback. Some mobile carriers have routine provisioning freezes and may extend and delay the carrier provisioning timeline, customers should confirm if their country has freezes during the time frame of their registration to confirm impact to their timelines. Amazon does not have the ability to escalate or expedite Short Code provisioning timelines, the timeline is cumulative of each individual mobile carriers own distinct timelines and non-overlapping processes. Mobile carriers reserve the right to reject Short Code applications if they deem the program to be non-compliant, which can further delay provisioning times. Short Codes might be approved for use on some carrier networks before they're ready on others; however, the Short Code will not be provisioned to your account until all carriers have completed. All Short Code campaign use case additions, or modifications, need to be communicated to carriers via the Short Code application process, and can be subject to the same timelines. Not communicating changes to Short Code use cases can lead to Short Codes being suspended.

Note: When you create a short code request case, we send you information about the one-time and recurring charges for obtaining the short code in the countries or regions that you request. If you accept these charges, the fees associated with using short codes begin immediately. You're responsible for paying these charges, even if the short codes that you requested haven't been completely provisioned yet.

For enterprise customers, please work directly with your AWS Technical Account Manager for on-boarding and additional assistance.