Amazon Lookout for Vision

Spot product defects using computer vision to automate quality inspection

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Easily create a machine learning (ML) model to spot anomalies from your live process line with as few as 30 images.

Identify visual anomalies in real time to reduce and prevent defects and improve production quality.

Prevent unplanned downtime and reduce operational costs by using visual inspection data to spot potential issues and take corrective action.

How it works

Amazon Lookout for Vision is an ML service that uses computer vision to spot defects in manufactured products at scale.
Amazon Lookout for Vision - How it works

Use cases

Automobile Door

Detect part damage

Spot damage to a product’s surface quality, color, and shape during the fabrication and assembly process.


Identify missing components

Determine what’s missing based on the absence, presence, or placement of objects, like a missing capacitor in a printed circuit board.

Silicon Wafer

Uncover process issues

Detect defects with repeating patterns, such as repeated scratches in the same spot on a silicon wafer.

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