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Baxter International Inc. is a global medical products company, operating at the critical intersection where innovations that save and sustain lives meet the healthcare providers who make it happen.

“We use Amazon Lookout for Vision to automate inspection tasks and solve complex process management problems that can’t be addressed by manual inspection or traditional machine vision alone. Lookout for Vision's cloud and edge capabilities provide us the ability to leverage computer vision and AI/ML-based solutions at scale in a rapid and agile manner, helping us to drive efficiencies on the manufacturing shop floor and enhance our operators' productivity and experience.”

AK Karan, Global Senior Director - Digital Transformation, Integrated Supply Chain - Baxter International Inc.


Dafgards is a household name in Sweden, manufacturing 15 different types of frozen pizzas at over 100 pizzas per minute.

“To uphold our brand and deliver the freshest and tastiest customer experience, we want to ensure that all our pizzas are adequately covered in cheese and with the correct toppings. Early in our production process we installed a machine vision system to detect proper coverage of cheese across a pizza’s surface. While this system served well for our original inspection requirement, the system is unable to detect defects on new product types that include multiple toppings. Amazon Lookout for Vision automates and scales inspection of diverse product types such as a cheese pizza with vegetables using the same machine vision system. We successfully expanded our quality assurance for new product types with minimal impact to operations.”

Fredrik Dafgård, Head of Operational Excellence & Industrial IoT

GE Gas Power

GE Gas Power is a leading provider of power generation equipment, solutions and services. It operates many manufacturing sites around the world, in which much of the manufacturing equipment is not connected nor monitored for health. 

“Naturally, we can reduce both maintenance costs and downtime, if we can easily and cheaply connect and monitor these assets at scale. Additionally, we want to take advantage of advanced algorithms to look forward, to know not just the current state but also predict future health and to detect abnormal behaviors. This will allow us to transition from time-based to predictive and prescriptive maintenance practices. Using Amazon Monitron, we are now able to quickly retrofit our assets with sensors and connecting them to real-time analytics in AWS cloud. We can do this without having to require deep technical skills or having to configure our own IT and OT networks. From our initial work on vibration-prone tumblers, we are seeing this vision come to life at an amazing speed: the ease-of-use for the operators and maintenance team, the simplicity, and the ability to implement at scale is extremely attractive to GE. During our pilot, we were also delighted to see one-click capabilities for updating the sensors via remote Over the Air (OTA) firmware upgrades, without having to physically touch the sensors. As we grow in scale, this is a critical capability in order to be able to support and maintain the fleet of sensors.”

Magnus Akesson, CIO, GE Gas Power Manufacturing


Nukon, a SAGE Group company, is a digital transformation consultancy and delivery company that delivers custom-designed solutions which combine strategy, analysis, and technology to give visibility into key business processes so they can be optimized.

“We are excited to have implemented a trial of the Amazon Lookout for Vision technology to detect product defects in real-time within the manufacturing facility for our sister company SAGE Automation, in line with their stringent quality control program. We are excited to now apply this technology to other manufacturers and integrate it into their quality systems.”

Rafael Amaral, Chief Technology Officer, Nukon


Amazon's Print-On-Demand (POD) facilities print books on demand to fulfill customer orders.

“With POD, since books are manufactured when ordered by a customer, it is imperative to ensure precision at every step of the manufacturing process to offer a fast delivery time and the highest quality books to our customers. With Amazon Lookout for Vision, we can automate and scale visual inspection at each step of manufacturing while running at full processing speeds, helping us ensure a great customer experience.”

David Symonds, Worldwide Director of POD, Amazon


A subsidiary of Koch Industries, INVISTA is one of the world's largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers, and fibers.

”Through our operations strategies of material flow automation and connected worker, we are deploying camera technologies to identify both large and subtle issues earlier in our process to improve efficiency and quality throughout the factory. With Amazon Lookout for Vision, we are automating visual inspections across production lines with faster responses to issues resulting in proactive interventions improving production efficiency. Eliminating some of the reactive responses required has also resulted in reduced complexity and cost to operate. Amazon Lookout for Vision improves the reliability of detecting process upsets and anomalous conditions. Implementing this solution reduces waste and enables our technicians to proactively identify potential process issues and take earlier corrective action.”

Dave Dempster, Process Control and Innovation Manager, INVISTA

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