Lumberyard Beta 1.11.1

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Lumberyard is not the same engine it was yesterday. This release introduces a new visual scripting solution (Script Canvas), a new animation system (EMotion FX), three new cloud gems, and much more. With over 60% new codebase and 3,300+ improvements since launch, now’s the time to start building.  

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Jumpstart your experience on Lumberyard with our Tutorials, by visiting our community on the Forums, or reading through our Documentation. If you are looking for previous versions of Lumberyard, please visit our Legacy Downloads page.  

Lumberyard already includes samples to help you get started, but we also provide additional ready-to-use art assets and code below that you can use as examples and help you prototype your game more quickly.

Good news! Starter Game with Action Update now comes pre-installed in Lumberyard Beta 1.11.

To open Starter Game with Action Update: download and install Lumberyard Beta 1.11, launch the editor, click the "open level" button, expand the levels folder, and double click "StarterGame." If you'd like to download a previous version of Starter Game, check out our legacy downloads page.

The Starter Game sample integrates a number of engine features for Amazon Lumberyard. It’s not just a quick path to get started with the engine; it’s also a great example of what you can build today using Lumberyard. Features include the new component entity system, bipedal locomotion, Lua scripting, a third-person camera, global illumination, inverse kinematics for aiming, and more. The latest update (aka “The Action Update”) introduced over 950 features and improvements, including snappy gunplay mechanics, rocket jumping, a more responsive AI, improved character control, and much more. It’s the perfect place to play around with hundreds of free assets and jumpstart game ideas of your own.

By downloading, you agree to the Customer Agreement and Lumberyard Service Terms.

Starter Game

The Virtual Reality Samples Project provides a starting point for building VR applications with Lumberyard. The project comes configured with the base set of Modular Gems you need for VR, including the HMD Framework, Oculus, OpenVR, and OSVR Gems. The sample demonstrates common VR features, including room-scale VR setup, tracked controller input system, spatialized audio playback, and stereo 360 video playback.


By downloading, you agree to the Customer Agreement and Lumberyard Service Terms.

VR Samples Project

This download includes the source code and tools required to build and run the game and engine for developers who want to use Lumberyard to create iOS, Android, or macOS games on a Mac. The Asset Processor, Lumberyard Editor, and Remote Shader Compiler require Windows 7 or later to edit levels and build game assets. You must have access to a PC with Lumberyard installed and be able to navigate and run commands from Terminal on your Mac.


In addition to Lumberyard, Amazon offers a growing selection of cross-platform building blocks for game developers. These tools and services help you build on the shoulders of Amazon commerce, AWS, and Twitch, and make and deliver experiences that garner vibrant communities of passionate fans.

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