Public blockchain

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a decentralized blockchain network that enables secure peer-to-peer transactions of value denominated in the network’s native cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The Bitcoin network is used by individuals, financial institutions, fintech companies, governments, and more as a medium of exchange, a commodity for investment, or a publicly verifiable and immutable ledger for inscribed data. With AMB Access, you can access a pool of Bitcoin mainnet and testnet nodes through regional endpoints, allowing you to write transactions, read data from the ledger, and invoke JSON-RPC methods available on the Bitcoin Core node client. With serverless Bitcoin endpoints, you can focus on building your applications instead of investing in undifferentiated work such as provisioning, maintaining, and load-balancing Bitcoin nodes. Whether you’re building a Bitcoin wallet, a crypto exchange, or simply wanting to analyze Bitcoin blockchain data, you will only pay for the requests that you make through the Bitcoin endpoints on AMB Access. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a decentralized and programmable blockchain network on which users around the world can transact, collaborate, and build applications. The Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) helps developers create powerful and composable decentralized applications (dApps) in the form of smart contracts. Build Ethereum dApps on mainnet and select testnets with Ethereum full nodes using the go-ethereum (Geth) execution client and the Lighthouse consensus client. You can use your dedicated (single-tenant) Ethereum node(s) to invoke JSON-RPC APIs for both the Execution and Consensus layers to build and test smart contracts, perform fungible or non-fungible token transactions, or query data from the Ethereum blockchain.

Polygon (POL)

Polygon is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, Layer-2 scaling solution. Known for its high throughput and low fees, Polygon is a preferred blockchain for several Web2 and Web3 builders building decentralized applications (DApps). Through AMB Access Polygon (Preview), you can get serverless access to Polygon PoS mainnet and Mumbai testnet, invoke JSON-RPC APIs to build and test smart contracts, perform fungible or non-fungible token transactions, or retrieve data from the Polygon blockchain. AMB Access Polygon (Preview) allows you access to current and archive (historical) data. Access Polygon (Preview) in preview is free of charge for customers.

Private blockchain

Hyperledger Fabric

You can deploy a private, permissioned blockchain with the Hyperledger Fabric framework in minutes without complex configuration tasks. Once your network is created, you can launch one or more blockchain peer nodes for high availability using the AWS Management Console. Whether your use case demands a large consortium of members to join the network or you simply wish to create a development network within your organization, AMB simplifies the process. You can invite other organizations to join your blockchain network through their AWS accounts, or you can create additional members (organizations) in your AWS account to build a simulated network for testing.

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