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Cloud adoption with Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an opportunity to transform the way your company does business. An organisation-wide commitment to migration makes it easier for you to develop a sound business case, and helps you identify the specific roles and responsibilities needed in your workforce to execute a successful transition to the cloud. Our APN Competency Partners have the knowledge and expertise that can help enable you to identify and avoid common cloud adoption pitfalls.

Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) presents organisations with a transformational opportunity to change the way they do business. This eBook will detail how cloud adoption can deliver significant business benefits.

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DB Best, a car rental service with over 29,000 locations throughout 197 countries, wanted to reduce management costs and improve its customer experience. hoped to achieve this by migrating multiple systems and entity data into a single, consolidated platform on the cloud. In a migration of this scale and complexity, the company needed to confirm that it would be worth it every step of the way.

To ensure was steering in the right direction, its IT teams used New Relic and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to establish baseline metrics, then used them to track the business value delivered as a direct output of the migration. By doing so, could quickly confirm that it had seen a 20% uplift in conversion of visitors to the site since migration began.

Hear how gained key insights from New Relic dashboards to monitor progress before, during, and after migration, and how the process served as an incubator. Having successfully moved its legacy systems to AWS, is in the process of creating a prototype of the migration solution for its parent company, Expedia Group.

Webinar Title: Measuring before migration drove’s success
AWS Presenter:
Georges Leschener, Partner Solutions Architect, Lead for Global Systems Integrators
New Relic Presenter: Neil MacGowan, Director of Digital Intelligence, EMEA

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Attend our upcoming webinar to learn how Rackspace helped OFX, one of the world’s largest international payment providers, accelerate its development cycles by migrating their co-located production environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS). You’ll also learn how Rackspace Fanatical Support® helps in providing expert guidance, best practices, and ongoing support for your infrastructure and applications along the way.

AWS Migration Competency Partner Rackspace can help design and deliver a migration strategy that is custom-fit to your company’s needs. Its flexible and scalable solutions help you rapidly migrate to AWS and quickly realise the benefits of cloud adoption.

Webinar Title: Successfully migrate your critical workloads to AWS with Rackspace
AWS Presenter: Diego Dalmolin, Partner Solutions Architect
Rackspace Presenter: Eric Johnson, AWS Evangelist & Cloud Architect

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DB Best

It’s a full-time job keeping up with advancements in cloud solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider (MSP) Claranet makes it its business to stay up to speed. Claranet’s dedication to close communication and weekly strategy sessions enables them to identify the best AWS solution to serve your cloud migration needs and deliver a plan for success.

Funky Pigeon, the fast-growing UK-based retailer of personalised cards and gifts, relied on Claranet to expertly guide their migration. Claranet took over Funky Pigeon’s existing AWS estate and restructured it to remove unnecessary spend.

Claranet’s team of cloud specialists began their work with a deep dive into Funky Pigeon’s AWS infrastructure. Three months of continuous collaboration resulted in Funky Pigeon adopting five new AWS solutions. By employing new tools that can advise on where Reserved Instances (RI) can be applied and what impact they’d have, Funky Pigeon substantially reduced expenses: 40% the first year, and an additional 25% the next. Funky Pigeon also reclaimed time by eliminating manual deployments, enabling its in-house teams to focus on innovation and ensure that the company remains competitive.

Webinar Title: Expertly guided cloud migration
Claranet Presenter: Stephen Old, Public Cloud Specialist Lead
Funky Pigeon Presenter: Brett King, Service Delivery Manager

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Work with DB Best to modernize your database environment on AWS and improve performance. A DB Best solution can help your organization increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Join our webinar to discover how an automated solution from DB Best can help modernize your database environment.

Webinar Title: Accelerate Database Migration to AWS with DB Best
AWS Presenter: Carmen Puccio, Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, Inc.
DB Best Presenter: Dmitry Balin, CEO and Bill Ramos, Chief Technology Storyteller

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Logicworks, an AWS Migration Competency Partner, helps businesses migrate to AWS and operate cloud environments from initial design through build, deployment, and management, making sure clients’ environments are secure, highly available, and compliant.

Join our webinar to hear how Logicworks helped Cardknox migrate high-risk data to AWS and build an automated, compliant, production environment that accelerated development.

Webinar Title: How Cardknox Migrated 1M+ Sensitive Records to AWS
Customer Presenter: Bruce Zlotowitz, CMO, Cardknox
AWS Presenter: Jim Huang, Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Logiworks Presenter: Steve Zeller, VP of Product Marketing

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