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Cloud adoption with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a transformational opportunity for the way your company does business. Organization-wide commitment to migration simplifies the process of finding compelling reasons to move to AWS, makes it easier for you to develop a sound business case, and helps you identify the specific roles and responsibilities in your workforce to execute your transition to the cloud.

The AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners featured below have the knowledge and expertise that will enable you to identify and avoid common cloud adoption pitfalls and successfully migrate to AWS.

Migrating to AWS presents organizations with a transformational opportunity to change the way they do business. This eBook will detail how cloud adoption can deliver significant business benefits.

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Work with DB Best to modernize your database environment on AWS and improve performance. A DB Best solution can help your organization increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Join our webinar to discover how an automated solution from DB Best can help modernize your database environment.

Webinar Title: Accelerate Database Migration to AWS with DB Best
AWS Presenter: Carmen Puccio, Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, Inc.
DB Best Presenter: Dmitry Balin, CEO and Bill Ramos, Chief Technology Storyteller

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Logicworks, an AWS Migration Competency Partner, helps businesses migrate to AWS and operate cloud environments from initial design through build, deployment, and management, making sure clients’ environments are secure, highly available, and compliant.

Join our webinar to hear how Logicworks helped Cardknox migrate high-risk data to AWS and build an automated, compliant, production environment that accelerated development.

Webinar Title: How Cardknox Migrated 1M+ Sensitive Records to AWS
Customer Presenter: Bruce Zlotowitz, CMO, Cardknox
AWS Presenter: Jim Huang, Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Logiworks Presenter: Steve Zeller, VP of Product Marketing

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As organizations consider moving workloads to the cloud, many find they lack the staff or expertise to successfully migrate business-critical applications. AWS Migration Competency Partner, Rackspace, helps companies ensure a successful move to AWS with its AWS-certified team.

Register for our webinar to learn how Rackspace plans, builds, and runs migration efforts for companies like OFX, an international payment provider that accelerated its development cycle by migrating with Rackspace.


Webinar Title: Successfully Migrate your Critical Workloads to AWS with Rackspace
AWS Presenter: Diego Dalmolin, Partner Solutions Architect, , Amazon Web Services, Inc
Rackspace Presenter: Eric Johnson, AWS Evangelist at Rackspace

On-Demand Webinar