Amazon Mobile Analytics lets you simply and cost effectively collect and analyze your application usage data. In addition to providing usage summary charts that are available for quick reference, Amazon Mobile Analytics enables you to set up automatic export of your data to Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift. With the Auto Export feature you gain access to your app event data so that you can analyze it directly with SQL queries, and you can also combine your data with other data sources or use a business intelligence tool of your choice. While many mobile app analytics solutions deliver data several hours after the events occur, Amazon Mobile Analytics is designed to process your application event data to view on dashboards and access in Amazon S3 within 60 minutes of receiving an event. Amazon Mobile Analytics is included in the AWS Mobile SDK, which supports iOS, Android, Fire OS, and Unity. You can also use Amazon Mobile Analytics with your HTML5 and Javascript-based apps with the Amazon Mobile Analytics SDK for JavaScript.

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Run custom SQL queries on your app event data. Analyze user behavior by segments such as location, language, app or platform version, device make or model. Auto export enables you to set up recurring export of your raw data to Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift.

Unlike other mobile analytics providers, when you use Amazon Mobile Analytics, we do not report on or share your data with third parties. In addition, the Auto Export feature enables you to archive all of your data in your own Amazon S3 bucket.

Unlike other services that track only device centric metrics, you can track both device and user centric data, giving you the ability to more accurately assess user behavior across multiple devices.

Amazon Mobile Analytics is designed to deliver usage reports within 60 minutes of receiving data from an app.

Amazon Mobile Analytics offers a free tier of 100 million free events per month. Beyond the free tier, it costs $1.00 per million events per month.

AWS Mobile SDK caches data when the device is offline and the data is uploaded to Amazon Mobile Analytics when a network connection is next established.