APN Ambassador Program

Recognizing APN Ambassadors' Commitment and Contributions

What is the APN Ambassador Program?

The APN Ambassador Program is a community of technical experts in the AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner community. APN Ambassadors are passionate about sharing their technical knowledge through public presentations, the creation of open source projects, and social media. APN Ambassadors possess multiple AWS certifications as well as in-depth AWS knowledge. As employees of APN Consulting Partners, they work closely with AWS Solution Architects to migrate, design, implement, and monitor AWS workloads.


Meet the Ambassadors

APN Ambassadors of North America


Gary Arora
Cloud Native Development Leader

Gary Arora is a Cloud Native Leader at Deloitte Consulting focusing on transforming core business operations of a diverse clientele across industries. He brings deep technical expertise of architecting and leading innovative cloud native and serverless solutions to accelerate digital modernization journeys. He holds all five core AWS certifications.


Alberto Artasanchez
Artificial Intelligence Lab Director

Alberto Artasanchez is Principal Data Scientist and the Director of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at Knowledgent. He has an MS in artificial intelligence and is a machine learning researcher, practitioner, author, and educator with over 25 years of experience. Current research topics include loan default prediction and financial crime detection.


Bruce Cutler
Solutions Architect

As a solutions architect, Bruce uses his knowledge and passion for modern, cloud-based architectures to drive all aspects of AWS solution delivery. He is interested in automating all things AWS, from implementing infrastructure-as-code best practices to configuring automated code builds and app deployments via robust CI/CD pipelines.


Sean Doyle
Technical Solutions Architect

Sean has been working in various roles in Enterprise IT over the course of 18 years. He consults for several enterprise customers on their AWS implementations. He strives to understand cloud use cases and designs as they apply to end-user teams. He holds seven AWS Certifications along with other Cloud and Industry certifications.


Mike Fisher
Lead Solutions Architect

Mike has been working within AWS as part of his day-to-day duties since 2013 and has professional, hands-on experience with the majority of AWS services. With a background in software development, he excels in cloud-first infrastructure, software architecture, and the automation of development and deployment workflows.


Irina Geiman
Lead Cloud Solutions Architect

Irina is a Lead Solutions Architect for Onica, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, with over 18 years in the IT industry. She is a passionate advocate for promoting the secure and cost effective use of AWS cloud.


Akshay Goel
Solutions Achitect

Akshay is a seasoned cloud solution architect with expertise in defining cloud transformation strategy and architecture, component selection, and delivery of cloud data and analytics solutions. He has delivered numerous big data solutions on AWS for financial services clients and holds AWS SA Professional and Big Data Specialty certifications.


Melissa Gwaldis
Principal Architect

Melissa Gwaldis has over two decades of experience in datacenter and cloud technologies. As a member of SHI's Cloud & Innovative Solutions team, she develops vendor-neutral solutions that meet the unique needs of SHI customers. While she holds many certifications from different technology vendors, her passion lies with AWS and VMware integrations.

APN Ambassadors of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa


Anders Bjornestad
Senior Consultant and Cloud Evangelist

Anders architected and implemented his first customer solution on AWS in 2010 and is essential in forming Webstep's Cloud Center of Excellence. He applies his broad expert knowledge across all layers of the organizational stack. He is also the co-founder of four AWS User Groups and an AWS Authorized Instructor.


Ben Bridts
Principal AWS Technologist

Ben has been using AWS since 2015 and works with businesses ranging from start-ups to enterprises. He provides architectural and operational support and shares his experiences along the way. Currently his favourite services are CloudFormation, Lambda, KMS, CloudFront, and Lambda@Edge. He pronounces AMI as A-M-I.


Aaron Walker
Technology Director

Aaron has 10 years of experience using AWS as Technology Director of base2Services. He helps teams build and deliver solutions leveraging CI/CD and DevOps. He is also a strong proponent of DevOps and Agile and has led approximiately 300 cloud migrations.


Ben Higginbottom
Senior Cloud Architect

Ben is a senior cloud architect with over 15 years of experience in IT and a background in Financial Services and start-ups. He specialises in Information Security, Resilience, Cloud Adoption, and Education. Ben is a regular public speaker known for getting involved in various interesting projects, including helping in the legal hijacking of a spacecraft.


Fernando Hönig

Fernando is an experienced Infrastructure Solutions Leader with five AWS Certifications and has extensive IT Architecture and Management experience in a variety of market sectors. Working as a Cloud Architect Consultant in the United Kingdom since 2014, Fernando has built an online community for Hispanic speakers worldwide.


Rolf Koski

Rolf is CTO at Cybercom AWS Business Group, working in the whole of Nordics. He is a passionate expert of modern enterprise IT. He is a quick learner who bridges the gap between technology professionals and the C-suite.


Paolo Latella
Head of Cloud

Paolo is a Principal Solutions Architect with over 15 years of experience. He has worked with AWS since 2008, has been an Authorized Instructor Champion at AWS since 2014, and is an AWS Community Hero. He is passionate about Cloud technologies and Infrastructure Automation and was part of the first Italian Hybrid Cloud project for the Public Sector in 2010.


Stephen McMaster
AWS Architecture Lead

Stephen has worked in IT for over 20 years. He specialises in leading enterprise AWS Infrastructure delivery with a particular focus on ensuring resilience, security, compliance, and architectural best practices. His projects have successfully delivered global solutions for Private Sector, Public Sector, and Life Sciences clients.

APN Ambassadors of Asia Pacific


Yash Acharya
Solutions Architect

Yash Acharya is a Solutions Architect at BlazeClan Technologies, a born-in-the-cloud AWS Premier Consulting Partner company. Yash has a wide range of experience in handling large scale migration and devops transformation projects. He is a strong believer in trying new technologies and helping his clients achieve new technology excellence.


Ryan Anderson
Solutions Architect

Ryan is a Solutions Architect at TechConnect IT Solutions, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. As a Software Development and DevOps specialist, Ryan excels in building decoupled microservice architectures in AWS. He is passionate about creating Serverless architectures for clients and is very proud to have reduced their monthly bills to single digits.


Gerald Bachlmayr
Technical Principal

Gerald Bachlmayr is a Technical Principal at Contino and an expert in cloud native solutions, specialising in cloud native services. He is passionate about solving business problems with strategic Serverless solutions, to enable quick feedback loops, and tackle the specific problem while eliminating long infrastructure delays.


Hitesh Bhardwaj
Senior Solutions Architect, Asia

Hitesh has over 15 years of industry experience and has delivered IT Transformation projects with large multi-national clients in Southeast Asia, Europe, China, and India. He has worked for or alongside some of the world's leading technology organizations including: Rackspace, Accenture, Avanade, SoftwareOne, and HCL technologies.


James Bromberger
National Cloud Lead, Consulting Director

James is a Consulting Director at Modis and has lead teams in Europe, US, and Australia in Higher Education, Finance, Advertising, and Government. He created the cloud-based Advara Land Registry as a Service, is a volunteer Debian Linux developer, a regular presenter at security and cloud conferences, and holds eight separate AWS certifications.


Jared Brook
Global Technical Lead

Jared is the Global Technical Lead at base2Services, an AWS DevOps Competency Partner focused on accelerating businesses that utilise cloud technologies. Jared is an AWS Certified Professional with over four years of experience working with a range of customers to rapidly and securely deliver innovative cloud-based solutions on AWS.


Chris Buckley
Manager, Managed Public Cloud Onboarding Engineering (ANZ)

Chris Buckley manages the Australian Managed Public Cloud Deployment Engineering team at Rackspace, a 2018 worldwide leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers. Chris has worked as an engineer, consultant, and architect on a variety of projects on AWS.


Brent Cetinich
Senior Consultant

Brent Cetinich is dedicated to providing a secure AWS environment and a CI/CD pipeline for application delivery. This allows his clients the freedom to unlock developer potential in an enterprise environment to deliver business value faster and more securely.

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