Ransomware Rising: Battle Ransomware in the Cloud

Uncover ways that Lacework is helping organizations gain visibility, achieve insight, and take the appropriate actions to tackle ransomware.

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5 Ways Orca Security and AWS Protect Against Ransomware

Learn how to reduce ransomware risk by being aware of your ‘crown jewels’ and hardening your AWS Cloud resources by detecting and remediating malware, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and more.

Palo Alto Networks

Achieve Ransomware Resilience

Learn the best practices recommended by NIST and the functionality you’ll need to implement them with AWS and Palo Alto Networks.


Ransomware Playbook: How to Lower Attack Risk and Reduce the Impact

Learn about actions you can take to lower the risk and impact of a ransomware attack.


E-book: Anatomy of a Modern Ransomware Attack

Discover the most well-known ransomware incidents and the five steps you can take to defend against ransomware with a focus on predicting and identifying areas of possible entry.



Barracuda and AWS Ransomware eBook

Web apps can open the door to successful Ransomware attacks. Barracuda details the anatomy of a supply chain attack and how you can protect your organization.


Revisiting Ransomware Protection: An Assume-Breach Perspective

Traditional approaches to ransomware mitigation must be re-evaluated. In this eBook we look at a combined, defense-in-depth approach to ransomware protection.


Securing Infrastructure Through Identity

Learn how identity management and a simpler approach to security, although not a silver bullet, can greatly mitigate the risks of cyberattacks while increasing user productivity.


Protect Your Infrastructure with an Identity Security Ecosystem

Deliver a foundational identity and cloud security ecosystem to protect your infrastructure against ransomware. Read five benefits for choosing SailPoint and AWS.


Alert Logic

Ransomware Prevention and Response with AWS and Alert Logic

Ransomware is a top concern for organizations and requires key security strategies for protection. Learn about Alert Logic and AWS solutions that continuously track and detect the vulnerabilities exploited by ransomware.


3 Strategies to Protect Against Ransomware

A zero-day protection strategy helps stop ransomware and the damage it causes. Explore how Check Point enhances AWS security to detect and prevent ransomware attacks.


Protect Against Ransomware with AWS and F5

Gaining visibility into encrypted traffic on your network is vital to your ransomware defense strategy. Strengthen your ransomware defense with a scalable and modern encrypted traffic inspection solution on AWS.

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Ransomware, Malware and Cyberthreats

Ransomware continues to be used against businesses, rendering critical systems or files inaccessible. Learn how to prepare and protect your organization and mitigate threats with AWS and Splunk.


Mitigating the Ransomware Threat with Trellix Cloudvisory

Discover how Trellix Cloudvisory on AWS is mitigating ransomware threat. Trellix Cloudvisory offers a holistic approach to security with solutions that combine visibility, microsegmentation, protection, and a comprehensive range of services.



The Evolution of Ransomware: How to Protect Organizations from
New Trends and Methods

As headlines continue to remind us, ransomware remains a significant threat from cybercriminals and nation-state actors that are constantly working to increase their malicious capabilities. CrowdStrike’s automated protection and remediations has been proven to stop more than 99.7% of malware and ransomware attacks.


7 Common Ways Ransomware Can Infect Your Organization

Learn about the seven common ways ransomware can infect your organization and see how SentinelOne can help protect your business from ransomware and other threats.

Trend Micro

Securing Your Organization from Modern Ransomware

Learn more about traditional vs. modern ransomware, the four stages of an attack, and mitigation strategies in Trend Micro’s latest ebook: Securing your organization from modern ransomware.


10 Ways a Zero Trust Architecture Protects Against Ransomware

In “10 Ways a Zero Trust Architecture Protects Against Ransomware,” uncover how this framework prevents ransomware throughout the entire attack chain and why it’s the best strategy for ransomware prevention.



Recovering from Ransomware Attacks

As organizations move to the cloud, the need to ensure data is protected is paramount. Learn what is needed to protect data from ransomware attacks and how to recover in the event of an attack.


Ransomware Readiness Guide

Ransomware attacks are increasingly sophisticated, costly, and their velocity is only increasing. Get this in-depth guide to learn about the information and evaluation criteria you’ll need to find your best-fit solution for cyber resiliency with Cohesity and AWS.


Everything You Need to Know About How to Fully Recover from a Ransomware Attack

A cyber attack isn’t a matter of “if” but “when.” Druva, an industry leader in SaaS data protection, enables cyber, data and operational resilience for every organization. Get this ransomware recovery kit to help you prepare for an attack today.


Extending Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security to AWS Environments

This tech brief provides an overview of the ransomware threat landscape and how Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security can help protect your backup and archive data—both on-premises and in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments.

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Veeam on AWS: 5 Secure Backup Best Practices

This eBook teaches the best practices on how to fight ransomware & cyberthreats on AWS. The topics discussed include why a secure backup strategy is essential to the NIST framework, which backup and recovery best practices you can implement today, and AWS services and technologies that can thwart and overcome attacks.


Best Practices to Combat the Threat of Ransomware with Veritas

At Veritas, we recommend prioritizing backup and recovery as a reliable part of a comprehensive, multilayered resiliency framework— a part that supports the protect, detect and recover components of an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy.


Keeping Your Business Safe from Ransomware

Now more than ever, keeping your data safe must be a top priority. Read how Alliant Credit Union, NPC System, SAM Medical, and Emirates Steel protect against, detect, and recover from ransomware. Don’t wait to take action. Be ready with Commvault.

Global Security Services


AWS and Deloitte’s 2-Pronged Approach for Ransomware Resiliency

AWS and Deloitte help companies protect data and become resilient to ransomware attacks. Explore the landscape of ransomware attacks and how to protect your data in an efficient and secure fashion.

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