Machine Learning Foundations on Amazon Web Services

Build innovative machine learning applications

Bring Predictive Power to Your Business while Maximizing your Machine Learning Investment

Organizations across a variety of industries employ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to bring predictive powers to their businesses. More ML happens on Amazon Web Services (AWS) than anywhere else because AWS offers the broadest and deepest set of AI/ML services, at a lower cost than other cloud providers.

AWS Machine Learning Competency Partners provide a wide range of options that help customers build strong foundations so they can maximize their investments.

Featured AWS Machine Learning Competency Partners

Our featured AWS Machine Learning Competency Partners deliver offerings such as consulting services, support on delivering specific aspects for your projects, and even niche ML tools that enable customers to augment and scale.

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ShopRunner Processes 1TB of Data a day to Recommend Right Products

ShopRunner ingests product, logistic, and behavioral data from more than 100 retailers to provide highly personalized recommendations. Watch the webinar and see how the customer experience was improved with ML from Databricks and AWS.

Levi's Leverages ML Data to Enhance e-Commerce Experiences

Levi’s used Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS) and AWS to create a recommendation system that aligns to a customer journey. Learn how ML enables Levi’s to easily and quickly leverage its data to create new products for its customers.

StoryFit Delivers Revenue Predictions Using ML

StoryFit delivers AI insights for the book publishing, movie, and television production industries. In this webinar, see how StoryFit scaled its AI business using DataRobot's automated ML platform.


Cutting Down Complex Data Challenges with TIBCO

In this webinar, check out how TIBCO deployed an end-to-end ML workflow to solve Digits complex data needs (like fuzzy matching, analysis paralysis, and siloed workflows) while reducing analytics time and extended data science practices.


Nauto Improves Fleet & Road Safety with AI

Nauto's intelligent driver safety system help prevent collisions with real-time coaching. Enabled by Qubole and Amazon SageMaker, learn how Nauto automates processes and continuously trains, validates, and tests ML models faster than ever.


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