Data Security


Zero Trust’s Evolution: The Role of Identity Security

The majority of security incidents start with identity as the ingress point — indeed, the human element accounts for 82 percent of analyzed breaches.* And this threat vector continues to grow.

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HashiCorp and AWS Zero Trust guide

With HashiCorp’s zero trust security, organizations can manage their transition to the cloud while maintaining the level of security they need, one that trusts nothing and authenticates and authorizes.


Securing your AWS Cloud with IBM Security Guardium

The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. is $4.35 million. Security solutions from IBM, integrated with AWS services, can protect your data.


Data Security for Cloud Storage

Prevent the spread of malware and locate sensitive data for applications and data lakes that use AWS storage services with Cloud Storage Security solutions that are built for and powered by AWS. 


Crowd Strike

Streamline your Zero Trust Journey

Learn how CrowdStrike’s approach to a frictionless Zero Trust journey can accelerate risk reduction and make the most of your existing technology investments.


What is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is a simple idea: trust no user or device, and always verify. The key to making Zero Trust security work at scale is endpoint visibility. Download this whitepaper to learn more.


Trellix XDR Enhances Zero Trust Architecture with AWS

Trellix makes Zero Trust architectures better by finding the risks in your telemetry for businesses to perform their work securely. Read this solution brief to learn how Trellix can protect your business.

Trend Micro

Prioritize Zero Trust for Better Cloud Security

In this e-book, security and cloud leaders will learn more about how Trend Micro and Amazon Web Services (AWS) work together to enable a Zero Trust approach.



How to Protect Your Organization from Identity-Based Attacks

Organizations with gaps in their identity security are significantly more at risk of experiencing a compromise or breach. Find out what steps you can take to protect your organization from today’s identity threats.

Ping Identity

Security Leader's Guide to the Zero Trust Model with Ping Identity and AWS

Learn more about how Ping Identity and AWS can help enterprises on their journey to implementing a Zero Trust Model.


Implement 3 essential requirements of an identity-aware Zero Trust security model with SailPoint

SailPoint, in partnership with AWS, offers AI-driven identity solutions at scale; automating identity lifecycle and enforcing least privilege using roles and dynamic policy logic while continuously adapting to threats.


Sonrai Security Cloud Insights Reveals and Remediates Business-Critical Risks

Transform cloud security operations by slashing identity and access risks, automating remediation, and continuously monitoring for threats - all with the Sonrai Platform. Explore it now.


Secure Access and Permissions to all your Systems

Working across hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments, Veza makes it easy for organizations to cut through the chaos and dynamically visualize, manage, and control data permissions.

Security Analytics


Designing Zero Trust Security for AWS

Aqua Security is an AWS partner that enables organizations to see and stop threats across every phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), from dev to cloud and back.


Find the truth of what’s happening across your AWS cloud

The Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform does not trust that anything new or unique is safe. Utilizing AWS CloudTrail data, together we provide a Zero Trust model for runtime security.


5 Ways Orca Security and AWS Establish Zero-Trust in the Cloud

Establishing a Zero-Trust program helps security teams govern security across cloud and on-premise environments. Orca Security is committed to working closely with you and AWS to secure your cloud estate.

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Understanding Zero Trust with AWS & Splunk

Regardless of where you’re at on your Zero Trust journey, Splunk can help you stay one step ahead of new and existing threats.


Gain complete confidence in your Zero Trust security with Wiz and AWS

Wiz and AWS can strengthen your defenses when you adopt a Zero Trust security model to implement meaningful security improvements made necessary by increased regulations for information security and the emergence of a distributed workforce.

Devices & Network Infrastructure


Barracuda and AWS Zero Trust eBook

AWS and Barracuda outline how you can deploy and leverage zero trust across devops and your cloud infrastructure.

Check Point

5 Steps to Zero Trust Security on AWS

This guide discusses a practical and holistic approach to implementing security enhancements on the AWS cloud including segmentation, workload protection, and more.


Protect AWS Workloads with Fortinet’s Zero Trust Network Access

Protect AWS workloads with Fortinet’s Zero Trust Network Access build a secure remote connection solution for today’s business.


Applying Zero Trust to Cloud Environments

With thousands of customers and deployments across the entire cybersecurity ecosystem, no one has more experience than Palo Alto Networks. We know security is never one size fits all.


An Architect’s Guide to the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Read the seven elements of highly successful Zero Trust architecture to learn how Zscaler’s industry leading Zero Trust Exchange delivers fast, secure access for users, data, and workloads in AWS.