PicPay Keeps Pace with 126% Growth Rate with MongoDB (Atlas) and AWS

Executive Summary

PicPay, an FSI payment platform and the leading digital wallet service in Brazil is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). To keep pace with its exponential growth rate and ambitious future goals, PicPay engaged AWS Partner MongoDB. Noted for its flexibility, compliance regulation, and high level of scalability as an application data platform, MongoDB Atlas helped PicPay expand and maintain its competitive edge. As PicPay experienced a growth rate of 126%, MongoDB Atlas running on AWS supported consistent performance while also enabling the platform to maintain low TCO as it steadily progressed towards its goal of 100 million users.

AWS Powers an Instant Industry Leader with PicPay

PicPay made an unprecedented impact as a digital payment solution in the Brazilian market. The platform quickly surpassed expectations and emerged as an industry leader. As a platform born in the AWS Cloud, PicPay leveraged the flexibility and scalability of Kubernetes on AWS. Amazon EC2 and Amazon EMR on AWS were also essential to daily operations at PicPay. Both services supplied secure, easy-to-leverage computing capacity and streamlined deployment and operations within their big data environments, respectively. While the scalability and services on AWS supported its performance, as an increasingly popular application with more than fifty million users, the burgeoning scale of the PicPay user base required a solution that would streamline operations and enhance their dexterity with secure and vertical scaling. PicPay sought out AWS partner MongoDB, whose application data platform, MongoDB Atlas, runs on AWS.

“MongoDB Atlas on AWS has given us the scalability and the comfortability we need within our infrastructure to grow. The combination is essential to our success.”

- Felipe Chagas, Staff Database Engineer, PicPay

Unprecedented Growth Calls for Faster Development and Increased Scalability

For PicPay, MongoDB Atlas on AWS enhanced infrastructure efficiency, simplified deployment and automated routine administrative tasks. Optimizing efficiency and offloading infrastructure became essential as the PicPay team expanded from 30 to 1,200 developers to accommodate its growing user base. The high scalability and flexibility of MongoDB’s document database enables rapid development and gives PicPay the ability to rapidly scale up or down databases running on AWS without affecting performance. Atlas’s intelligent performance optimization tools also allowed PicPay to make critical daily adjustments to its infrastructure to optimize the performance of the platform for customers. The fully managed infrastructure and automated maintenance of MongoDB Atlas also supported the growth of PicPay by significantly reducing the amount of time and finances devoted to non-differentiating activities. This allowed the expanding team at PicPay to invest in the strategies, resources and marketing that enabled them to acquire and maintain a quarter of the entire market.

Prioritizing Innovation Drives Success at PicPay

Success at PicPay entails a relentless commitment to innovation and an intimate connection with the customer experience. PicPay perfects each generation of its microservices by bringing them to market for customer usage as quickly as possible. After assessing usage data, PicPay only retains the features which are most valuable to customers and invents new ones to bring to market. As a result, speed has become the key differentiator for PicPay and the flexibility of MongoDB Atlas on AWS supports the rapid, ambitious, and unpredictable nature of this development cycle while maintaining low TCO. “The combination of AWS and MongoDB makes it possible for us to start new projects and fail fast and cheaply.  It’s excellent because we really get to test the market. We quickly learn what’s working and what’s not working for our customers and can move forward with confidence.”

“We're now up to more than 26,000 customers in over 100 countries. And our database platform has been downloaded over 175 million times. We’re growing incredibly fast. We are seen today as the fastest growing modern database platform in the world and we are very proud to be meeting the needs of our customers.”

- John Wendell, Director of Partners for Latin America, MongoDB

The security and compliance of MongoDB Atlas and AWS — including encryption at rest, encryption in transit, and data locality controls — simplify operations and enable compliance with GDPR and FSI regulations. With an eye constantly on innovation and enhancing the customer experience in the marketplace, PicPay is excited to continue its partnership with MongoDB and AWS to generate new solutions in related industries.


About PicPay

PicPay, an FSI payments platform, has become one of Brazil’s largest digital wallet.

About MongoDB

MongoDB Atlas is a fully managed cloud database service built by MongoDB, Inc.

Published August 2021