Amazon Pinpoint

Engage your customers by sending them targeted and transactional email, SMS, push notifications, and voice messages.

Whether you're a developer, marketer, or business user, use Amazon Pinpoint to send targeted messages to your customers through multiple engagement channels. Examples of targeted campaigns are promotional alerts and customer retention campaigns, and transactional messages are messages such as order confirmations and password reset messages.

You can integrate Amazon Pinpoint into your mobile and web apps to capture usage data to provide you with insight into how customers interact with your apps. Amazon Pinpoint also tracks the ways that your customers respond to the messages you send—for example, by showing you the number of messages that were delivered, opened, or clicked. 

You can develop custom audience segments and send them pre-scheduled targeted campaigns via email, SMS, and push notifications. Targeted campaigns are useful for sending promotional or educational content to re-engage and retain your users.  

You can send transactional messages using the console or the Amazon Pinpoint REST API. Transactional campaigns can be sent via email, SMS, push notifications, and voice messages. You can also use the API to build custom applications that deliver campaign and transactional messages.

Digital User Engagement with Amazon Pinpoint (49:08)


Flexible Multi-Channel Messaging

Use the campaign management features in Amazon Pinpoint to send email, SMS messages, and push notifications to highly targeted customer segments. You can also use the Amazon Pinpoint REST API to send transactional messages to specific recipients via email, SMS messages, push notifications, and voice messages.

Powerful Application Analytics

Collect information about your application users by integrating the AWS Mobile SDK into your mobile app. Amazon Pinpoint gathers data about usage, devices, and any custom attributes that you define. 

Global Reach

Send messages to customers using their preferred communication channels. You can send email to prospective customers and can send push notifications directly to users of your mobile applications. You can also send text and messages over the phone to customers in more than 200 countries around the world. Additionally, you can convert text scripts into life-like speech in dozens of languages to deliver localized voice messages to your global users. 


Pay only for what you use. There are no upfront fees, no fixed expenses, and no minimum charges. Target 1,000 customers, track 100 million app events, and send 1 million push notifications per month for free.

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