Amazon Pinpoint

Connect with customers through scalable, targeted multichannel communications

How it works

Amazon Pinpoint offers marketers and developers one customizable tool to deliver customer communications across channels, segments, and campaigns at scale.

Diagram showing how Amazon Pinpoint manages audiences, campaigns, messages, channels, and engagement data

Use cases

Send one-time passwords securely

Deliver SMS or email messages to help users quickly and more easily access their accounts through secure one-time passwords with unique login codes.

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Engage with users in real time

Send real-time notifications to customer segments about breaking news, local updates, or event notices.

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Proactively surface order status changes

Automatically inform customers when orders are picked up, in transit, or delivered to their door.

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Connect with targeted customer groups

Send customized messages, such as about how recently users have used your app or about platforms they use, to customer segments.

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How to get started

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