Simon Elisha & Jeff Barr discuss various aspects of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) offering. Each podcast include AWS news, tech tips, and interviews with startups, AWS partners, and AWS employees.

Simon reviews some of the updates to AWS services, a new Alexa Skill, a repository of all AWS re:Invent 2017 content as well as a black-belt tip!

Amazon Route 53 Releases Auto Naming API for Service Name Management and Discovery |

Elasticsearch 6.0 now available on Amazon Elasticsearch Service |

Run Petabyte-Scale Clusters on Amazon Elasticsearch Service Using I3 instances |

Encryption at rest now available on Amazon Elasticsearch Service |

AWS Storage Gateway adds upload notifications, MIME-type detection, SUSE Linux support and additional features to File Gateway |

Amazon CloudWatch Alarms now alerts you when any M out of N metric datapoints in an interval are above your threshold |

Amazon CloudWatch now supports two new chart visualization options in metrics and dashboards |

Amazon CloudWatch Events now Supports AWS CodeBuild as an Event Target |

Amazon CloudWatch Logs now Supports KMS Encryption |

New – Amazon CloudWatch Agent with AWS Systems Manager Integration – Unified Metrics & Log Collection for Linux & Windows - AWS News Blog |

AWS CloudTrail Enhances Event History View and Search |

AWS CodePipeline Adds Support for Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate |

You Can Now Automate Amazon AppStream 2.0 Agent Updates on your Streaming Instances |

Amazon AppStream 2.0 Now Supports Tagging to Track Your Resources |

Easily Apply Amazon Cloud Directory Schema Changes with In-Place Schema Upgrades |

AWS Organizations Enhancements |

AWS Single Sign-On – Cloud SSO Service - AWS |

EFS File Sync Now Available in All Amazon EFS Regions |

Use AWS Budgets advanced filtering options to extend your cost monitoring capabilities |

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Supports R4, T2 and M4 Instance Types |

Support for Apache Spark 2.2.1 with Amazon SageMaker integration and Apache Hive 2.3.2 on Amazon EMR release 5.11.0 |

Amazon ECS Adds ELB Health Check Grace Period |

AWS Direct Connect Update – Ten New Locations Added in Late 2017 - AWS News Blog |

AWS Alexa Skill Now Available |

AWS re:Invent 2017 Sessions & Podcast Feed |

Specifying Parameter Values for the AWS Command Line Interface - AWS Command Line Interface |

AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store - AWS Systems Manager |

Simon speaks with Carla Cole (Vice President, Sales) and Mick Bass (Senior Vice President, Big Data Practice) at 47Lining about an AWS Quick Start available to get your Data Lake up and running fast!

How can you manage preventative maintenance without having to learn low level SCADA languages? Simon speaks with Shane Baldacchino (Solutions Architect, AWS) about applying AWS Greengrass, AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda@Edge.

Watch Shane’s AWS DevDay Session:
AWS IoT Blog:

Gaming, media and entertainment have never been bigger business. Amazon Polly makes it easy to add voice for both static and dynamic content; developers can animate avatars and highlight text as it is currently spoken in mobile apps and video games, or vocalize dynamic content on the fly. Simon speaks with Robin Dautricourt, Product Manager for Amazon Polly and Felix Duchesneau, Software Development Manager for Amazon Lumberyard. They share a few of the ways in which text-to-speech can be used to lower cost and increase efficiency for (pre-production/ production/localization) development, increase accessibility, and enhance overall user experience with voice commands.

You have AWS questions? We have answers! Simon speaks with Garvit Singh (Solutions Builder) and John Stamper (Principal Solutions Builder) about solutions that have been built for use by AWS customers. These are fully deployable via AWS CloudFormation and available as Open Source as both a complete solution or the basis for your own extensions.


AWS Answers Site:

AWS Multiple Account Security Strategy:

Serverless Image Processing:

Serverless Data Lake:

EFS-to-EFS Backup:


Simon speaks with Jenny Davies and Marc Napoli (both Technical Account Managers at AWS) to learn more about what the role entails and how they help customers.


Interested in a TAM Role? visit and search for "TAM"

AWS Enteprise Support:

Simon takes you through even more news from re:Invent!


Announcing Alexa for Business: Using Amazon Alexa’s Voice Enabled Devices for Workplaces - AWS News Blog |

AWS Lambda Doubles Maximum Memory Capacity for Lambda Functions |

Set Concurrency Limits on Individual AWS Lambda Functions |

AWS CloudTrail Adds Logging of Execution Activity for AWS Lambda Functions |

AWS Lambda Introduces Enhanced Console Experience |

Get Ready for the AWS Serverless Application Repository - AWS News Blog |

Migrate Hyper-V VMs to AWS with AWS Server Migration Service |

AWS Cloud9 – Cloud Developer Environments - AWS News Blog |

Announcing New AWS Deep Learning AMI for Microsoft Windows |

Amazon API Gateway Supports Endpoint Integrations with Private VPCs |

Announcing Support for Inter-Region VPC Peering |

Introducing Launch Templates for Amazon EC2 instances |

T2 Unlimited – Going Beyond the Burst with High Performance - AWS News Blog |

Introducing Spread Placement Groups for Amazon EC2 |

Amazon Lightsail adds load balancers with integrated certificate management |

Keeping Time With Amazon Time Sync Service - AWS News Blog |

Sign Up for the Preview of Amazon Aurora Multi-Master |

In The Works – Amazon Aurora Serverless - AWS News Blog |

Over-the-air updates, access to local resources, and OPC-UA industrial protocol adapter now available on AWS Greengrass |

Ready-to-Use Managed Rules Now Available on AWS WAF |

Simon covers a raft of the announcements made at the re:Invent Keynote and other announcements of note!


New- AWS IoT Device Management - AWS News Blog |

Presenting AWS IoT Analytics: Delivering IoT Analytics at Scale and Faster than Ever Before - AWS
News Blog |

In the Works – AWS IoT Device Defender – Secure Your IoT Fleet - AWS News Blog |

AWS IoT 1-Click Overview - One click creation of an AWS Lambda trigger for any device |

Announcing Amazon FreeRTOS – Enabling Billions of Devices to Securely Benefit from the Cloud - AWS News Blog |

Amazon SageMaker – Accelerating Machine Learning - AWS News Blog |

Amazon Comprehend – Continuously Trained Natural Language Processing - AWS News Blog |

Amazon Transcribe – Accurate Speech To Text At Scale - AWS News Blog |

Welcoming Amazon Rekognition Video: Deep-Learning Based Video Recognition - AWS News Blog |

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams – Serverless Video Ingestion and Storage for Vision-Enabled Apps - AWS News Blog |

AWS DeepLens – Get Hands-On Experience with Deep Learning With Our New Video Camera -
AWS News Blog |

S3 Select and Glacier Select – Retrieving Subsets of Objects - AWS News Blog |

Amazon Neptune – A Fully Managed Graph Database Service - AWS News Blog |

Amazon DynamoDB Update – Global Tables and On-Demand Backup - AWS News Blog |

Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances with Direct Access to Hardware - AWS News Blog |

M5 – The Next Generation of General-Purpose EC2 Instances - AWS News Blog |

H1 Instances – Fast, Dense Storage for Big Data Applications - AWS News Blog |

Amazon EC2 Update – Streamlined Access to Spot Capacity, Smooth Price Changes, Instance Hibernation - AWS News Blog |

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes - AWS News Blog |

Introducing AWS Fargate – Run Containers without Managing Infrastructure - AWS News Blog |

Amazon GuardDuty – Continuous Security Monitoring & Threat Detection - AWS News Blog |

Introducing AWS AppSync – Build data-driven apps with real-time and off-line capabilities - AWS News Blog |

AWS PrivateLink Update – VPC Endpoints for Your Own Applications & Services - AWS News Blog |

AWS Lambda Supports Traffic Shifting and AWS CodeDeploy Deployments |

Amazon API Gateway Supports Canary Release Deployments |

Presenting Amazon Sumerian: An easy way to create VR, AR, and 3D experiences - AWS News Blog |

AWS Media Services – Process, Store, and Monetize Cloud-Based Video - AWS News Blog |

AWS Systems Manager – A Unified Interface for Managing Your Cloud and Hybrid Resources - AWS News Blog |

Amazon MQ – Managed Message Broker Service for ActiveMQ - AWS News Blog |

Simon takes you through a “Mega” set of updates and new things. Grab a coffee (he makes a recommendation!) and hopefully there will be at least one update that makes you smile!


How to Prepare for AWS’s Move to Its Own Certificate Authority:

New Pricing for AppStream 2.0 for Qualifying Education Users:

What’s New with AWS:

Simon speaks with Ken Eisner, Senior Manager of Worldwide AWS Education Programs about AWS Educate. Are you an educator looking for up-to-date content for your curriculum? Are you a student wanting to get modern, relevant qualifications? Do you want to “re-skill” yourself with some of the most valued technical skills in the market? Take a listen to how the AWS Educate program can help - PLUS a special code for $150 of AWS Credit is shared in the episode (NOTE: code valid to 31st December 2017).

App developers spend incredible time, resources, and effort to grow their app audiences, but once you've acquired a user, it's easier and cheaper to retain and engage them via messaging and notifications. In this podcast we introduce AWS Pinpoint for engaging with your users and getting app and user analytics to drive your business.

Amazon Pinpoint:

Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech, making it easy to develop applications that use high-quality speech to increase engagement and accessibility. In this episode Simon speaks with Robin Dautricourt, Product Manager for Amazon Polly to introduce Amazon Polly and walk through popular use cases in specific industries where Amazon Polly's natural sounding voices improve user experience and enables new ways to consume content: Learning/Education, Gaming, Content Creation and Telephony. Learn about real-world scenarios and examples of how to incorporate text-to-speech into their capabilities.

VMware Cloud on AWS is now available to customers! Simon speaks with Andy Reedy, Manager of Solutions Architecture at AWS, about how it works and what customers can do with this capability.

Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed, secure application streaming service that allows you to stream desktop applications from AWS to any device running a web browser, without rewriting them. Simon speaks with Deepak Suryanarayanan, Senior Product Manager at AWS, about how customers can use AppStream 2.0 to deliver their applications more efficiently.

Simon takes a walk through LOTS of the updates that have been happening for AWS Customers.

New – Per-Second Billing for EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes - AWS Blog |

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) now allows customers to expand their existing VPCs |
New – Descriptions for Security Group Rules - AWS Blog |
New – Stop & Resume Workloads on EC2 Spot Instances - AWS Blog |
Amazon VPC NAT Gateways now support Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring and Resource Tagging |
AWS VPN Update – Custom PSK, Inside Tunnel IP, and SDK update |
Elasticsearch 5.5 now available on Amazon Elasticsearch Service |
Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow Announces Support For Geoproximity Routing With Traffic Biasing |
New Network Load Balancer – Effortless Scaling to Millions of Requests per Second - AWS Blog |
Now Available – EC2 Instances with 4 TB of Memory - AWS Blog |
Use OpenCL Development Environment with Amazon EC2 F1 FPGA Instances to accelerate your C/C++ applications, also F1 instances are now available in US West (Oregon) and EU (Ireland) Regions |
Announcing: React Native Starter Project with One-Click AWS Deployment and Serverless Infrastructure - AWS Mobile Blog |
Announcing enhancements to the Amazon Lex test console |
Announcing support for synonyms and slot value validation on Amazon Lex |
Now Specify Request Level Attributes with Amazon Lex |
New Amazon Lex Built-in Slot Types for Phone numbers, Speed, and Weight, Available in Preview |
Export your Amazon Lex chatbot to the Alexa Skills Kit |
Apple Core ML and Keras Support Now Available for Apache MXNet - AWS AI Blog |
AWS CodePipeline now provides notifications on pipeline, stage, and action status changes |
Amazon Pinpoint Introduces Two-Way Text Messaging |
Amazon Cognito Integrates with Amazon Pinpoint to Add Analytics for User Pools and Enrich Pinpoint Campaigns |
Amazon Redshift now supports late-binding views referencing Amazon Redshift and Redshift Spectrum external tables |
Custom Artifacts on AWS Device Farm - AWS Mobile Blog |
Amazon Aurora Can Migrate Encrypted Databases from Amazon RDS for MySQL |
Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Adds Raspbian OS and Raspberry Pi Support |
AWS Greengrass is available in Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region. |
AWS CloudTrail Enables Option to Add All Amazon S3 Buckets to Data Events |
Amazon Kinesis Analytics improves application performance for high volume data streams |
New Kinesis Analytics stream processing functions for time series analytics, real time sessionization, and more |
AWS CloudFormation provides Stack Termination Protection |

In this episode Simon speaks with Carla Cole (Vice President, Sales) and Mick Bass (Senior Vice President, Big Data Practice) at 47Lining along with Chris Perkins (AWS) about the AWS Quick Start for Data Warehouse Modernization and how you can get the most from it.

AWS Quick Start:

Jumpstart Consulting Offer:


Simon speaks with Chris Andronaco (Manager of Technology, Toyota Racing Development) about agile, developing software and what it takes to support high-performance car racing teams.


One of the biggest problems in the mobile application industry is optimizing the user on-boarding process. For most applications, you can't really monetize your app until a user has signed up. But implementing and managing all of the complex machinery needed to create a user identity and access systems is time consuming and not your core competency. App developers can save time, money, and effort by using AWS Cognito for on-boarding users and managing their identity, authorization, authentication, and resource access policies.

Amazon Cognito:

Simon takes you through a set of service updates large and small!


AWS CloudFormation and DAX:

VPC Endpoints for DynamoDB:

RDS for Microsoft SQL Server:

AWS Quick Start for Microsoft SQL Server:

New Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio:

Amazon SES Reputation Dashboard:

AWS CloudTrail Event History for Everyone:

Amazon EC2 G3 Instance Availability:

Deadline 10:

Amazon Route53 Updates:

Amazon EFS Updates:


Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Update:

Amazon Redshift Scalar UDFs:

Did you want to get Alfresco up and running fast, securely and reliably on AWS? Listen to how Alfresco (Toni de la Fuente, Cloud Architect and Leader of Security Operations, Alfresco) and AWS (Santiago Cardenas, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS) created a Quick Start for you to do just that!

Alfresco Content Services Quick Start:

Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon:

AWS Quick Start:

One of the biggest problems for mobile app developers is delivering quality applications that get high ratings and reviews in the app store. All it takes is a few bad ratings, and users will be unlikely to even download your application. One of the keys to producing quality mobile applications is thorough testing, but individual developers can't afford to own thousands of devices, let alone manage the infrastructure for running test harnesses against all those devices. In this episode, we introduce AWS Device Farm that lets mobile app developers test their apps against a wide array of mobile devices and catch bugs early so you can focus on introducing new features and functionality to delight your users rather than spending all your cycles responding to and fixing issues reported in reviews and rankings.

AWS Device Farm:

AWS Device Farm Plugins:

This episode takes you through a collection of handy updates to existing services, and a new Security whitepaper.

AWS CodePipeline:

AWS Budgets:

AWS Service Catalog:

Amazon Route 53:

AWS Direct Connect:

More .NET Core Support:

AWS Price Reduction:

AWS CloudFormation Updates:

AWS WAF Rate-Based Rules:

Using AWS WAF To Mitigate OWASP Top 10 :

Amazon CloudWatch Dashboards:

Where do you store your sensitive config info and passwords for your applications? In this episode Simon dives into the Parameter Store and how you can use it to protect and access your sensitive data.

EC2 Systems Manager Parameter Store:

Interesting Articles about Parameter Store:

Tagging for Parameter Store:

Simon speaks with Philip “Fitz” Fitzsimons, Global Well-Architected Lead, and Herman Coomans, Senior Solutions Architect, all about the AWS Well Architected framework. They discuss what it consists of, how customers can apply it, and what they have learned.

Well-Architected Site:

It is time again to catch up on a raft of updates for customers! This week’s updates include: AWS Trusted Advisor, Amazon Workspaces, AWS IoT Button, AWS Mobile Hub, Amazon ECS and Amazon DynamoDB just to name a few!

In this episode Simon talks about Apache MXNet on AWS with Julien Simon, Principal Technical Evangelist AWS. They discuss what it is and how to get started.

Apache MXNet on AWS:
Amazon EC2 P2 Instances:
Julien’s Intro to MXNet Blog Posts:

In this episode Simon chats with Sandy Carter, Amazon VP of Windows & Enterprise Workloads, about the type of innovation companies can undertake, and how the Windows ecosystem on AWS fits into this.

Windows on AWS:
Sandy’s Twitter Handle: @Sandy_Carter

In the early stages, hiring the right people can be as critical as an original great idea. In this episode we’re joined by Andrew Thompson, ex-VP of Engineering at Yoyo Wallet and Will Bentinck, Head of Careers at Makers Academy who talk about their views and approaches to startup recruitment.

AWS Startup Stories webpage:
Yoyo Wallet:
Makers Academy:
Access the cheat sheet by submitting your details here:

Simon speaks with Roger Barga, General Manager for Amazon Kinesis, about how streaming is changing the way organisations are building systems and creating modern, responsive interactions with their customers.

Useful Links
Amazon Kinesis:
Hands-on Tutorial:
Test Drive Using Demo Data:
Test Data Generator:
Amazon Kinesis posts on the Big Data Blog:

Having a scalable idea is a dream of any startup founder. But with multiple markets and countries to consider, putting that idea into action is a whole new ballgame. Hear how AWS customer and startup success Once, a dating app with a unique approach, nailed its global strategy, and how it’s accelerating growth in 11 countries and counting.

AWS Startup Stories webpage:

Once webpage:
Access episode 5 cheat sheet by submitting your details here:

AWS Summit London:

This week in the AWS Startup Stories special, Darren talks to Anne Boden, CEO & founder of Starling Bank, about her experience on building a mobile only bank from scratch, dealing with regulators, and launching a public API Marketplace.


AWS Startup Stories webpage:
Starling Bank:
Starling Bank Marketplace website:

Access episode 4 cheat sheet by submitting your details here:

AWS Summit London:

This week Simon recaps what has been happening in the EC2 Container Service (ECS) world and how customers are taking advantage of some of the new capabilities.

In this episode of Startup Stories we cover VC funding and how to build longlasting relationships with investors. You will hear both sides of the story from Robin Klein, General Partner at VC fund Local Globe on what he looks for when making investments, and Hal Watts, CEO of tech-fashion Unmade, a company Robin invested in, on his experience finding investment.

AWS Startup Stories webpage:

Unmade webpage:
Local Globe webpage:
Access the cheat sheet by submitting your details here:

AWS Summit London:


In a shorter episode, Simon takes you through the new Cost Allocation for EBS Snapshots and the new AWS Training & Certification Portal.

AWS re:Invent 2016: Cost Optimizing Your Architecture: Practical Design Steps For Savings (ARC310):

Cost Allocation for EBS Snapshots:

Deleting EBS Snapshots:

New AWS Training and Certification Portal:

In the second episode of the AWS Startup Stories special, Darren talks to two special guests innovating on AWS in the fintech space. Tom Blomfield, CEO and founder of Monzo, mobile-only bank, and Darren Westlake, CEO and co-founder of Crowdcube, the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform, discuss crowdfunding for startups.


AWS Startup Stories webpage:

Monzo webpage:

Crowdcube webpage:

Access episode 2 cheat sheet by submitting your details here:

AWS Summit London:

In this episode Simon discusses the importance of re-visiting Services to ensure you reduce the amount of undifferentiated heavy lifting you have in your architecture. Then he covers a raft of updates big and small.

AWS and Ionic:

Amazon QuickSight updates:

AWS Schema Conversion Tool updates:

AWS CloudFormation support for AWS WAF on ALB:

AWS CloudTrail with S3 Data Events:

Auto Scaling Resource-Level Permissions:

AWS CodeDeploy Updates:

New Amazon S3 Console:

Amazon Athena adds API/CLI Support:

AWS X-Ray AWS Lambda Request Tracing GA:

In this first episode of the AWS Startup Stories special, Darren Mowry, Head of Startup Business Development and Venture Capital at AWS EMEA, talks to Tessa Cook, co-founder and CEO of food sharing app and AWS startup customer Olio, about growing a social enterprise and building a loyal fan base with an almost non-existent marketing budget.

AWS Startup Stories webpage:

OLIO webpage:

Access the cheat sheet by submitting your details here:

AWS Summit London:

Simon interviews Sri Elapolu, Senior Manager IoT Public Sector Practice, about Data Lakes, IoT and what customers are doing with the technology now and into the future.

Smart Cities:

City on a Cloud:


Big Data on AWS:

IoT on AWS:

This episode covers a bumper collection of things new and updated! Price reductions, new services, AI, ML, Big Data, FPGAs, Databases and more!

The bumper list of shownotes:



Simon discusses a variety of updates and some great Services that now work even better together!

City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge:

EC2 Run Command as a target for Amazon CloudWatch Events:

Amazon EMR Instance Fleets:

Instance Size Flexibility for EC2 Reserved Instances:

Amazon SES IP Pre-Warming:

Amazon Cloud Directory API Efficiency:

Amazon API Gateway integrates with AWS Certificate Manager:

In this episode Simon interviews Nathan Wallace, Founder & CEO at Turbot, about using AWS in large Enterprises with Software Defined Operations.

In this episode Simon gives you an introduction to a new Customer Contact Centre in the cloud - called Amazon Connect.

In this episode Simon talks about Amazon Lightsail with Emily Kruger, Product Manager for Amazon Lightsail. They discuss what it can be used for, and where customers get the most benefit.

Simon speaks with Paras Bhuva, AWS Partner Solutions Architect, all about the AWS Database Migration Service and Schema Migration Tool. Where it is used and what customers need to know.

In this special episode, Bryan Liston, Developer Advocate for AWS Serverless, speaks with Mark Nunnikhoven, Vice President, Cloud Research, TrendMicro and Adam Johnson, Cofounder at IOpipes. The discuss considerations for security in serverless architectures, with plenty of “war stories”!

Lots of updates this week as Simon does a “lightning look” as some interesting updates - with a special emphasis on getting data insights with very little work!


Kinesis Firehose with Lambda -

Data Insights Blog Post -

Athena & AVRO:

QuickSight scheduled updates:

CodeCommit GIT Credentials:

MySQL->MariaDB Migration:

ECS Windows Containers:

Schema Conversion Tool Updates:

Cost allocation updates:

Amazon Chime:

Amazon GameLift supports all C++ & C# engines including Lumberyard, Unreal Engine & Unity:

Simon sits down with Dr Matt Wood, GM of Artificial Intelligence at AWS, to talk about the emerging world of AI. They also do a little reminiscing of days gone by!

Amazon Lex:
Amazon Polly:
Amazon Recognition:
Apache mxnet:

In this episode Simon chats with Drew Meyer, Head of Product Marketing for AWS Storage Services all about the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)

In this episode Simon discusses AWS OpsWorks with Amir Golan, Senior Product Manager. They discuss what it can do, how customers use it - and its strengths in fleet management.

In this episode Simon chats with Matt Hackett, CTO at Beme (now acquired by CNN), all about how Beme was built and some of the challenges of building video-related apps today vs in the “old days” at his time at Tumblr. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS.

A special extended episode this week discussing Serverless. Bryan Liston, Developer Advocate for AWS Serverless, speaks with Matt Weagle, Ant Stanley & Ben Kehoe. They discuss server less architectures, testing and other fun topics!

AWS re:Invent 2016 Audio Library:
Building Serverless Applications:
AWS Lambda:

In this episode Simon chats with Jon Handler, Principal Solutions Architect, about scaling and securing the Amazon ElasticSearch Service with some deeper-dive examples of what to do.

In this episode Simon chats with Drew Meyer, Head of Product Marketing for AWS Storage Services all about backup options to the cloud. They cover connector technologies, tiering and other considerations.

In this episode Simon has a wide-ranging chat with Kunal Anand, CTO & Co-Founder of Prevoty, about building their product on AWS, the challenges of scale and the future of software architectures. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS

In this episode Simon sits down with Shane Baldacchino, AWS Solutions Architect, to walk through the new AWS Server Migration Service.

Simon has a conversation with Conrad Rushing, VP Engineering at Splash. They discuss Docker, Continuous Deployment, Team Structure and lots of other goodies. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS.

In This Episode Simon chats with Steve Faulkner, Director of Engineering at Bustle about moving to a serverless architecture, and their open-source project called “Shep”. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS.


In this special episode Simon summarises all the announcements from Re:Invent 2016 - Day 1! Lots to cover - lots of exciting things to build with!

In this episode Simon chats with Drew Meyer, Head of Product Marketing for AWS Storage Services all about the choice between Block, Object and File storage - and when to use each!

In this episode Simon chats with Josh Siegel, CTO at Care Cloud. They talk about building HIPPA-compliant software, moving fast and DevOps. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS.

Architecting for HIPAA Security and Compliance on AWS:

In this episode Simon has a discussion with Will Chiong, Software Engineer at They discuss building systems from scratch, monolith vs micro services, using Alexa and other architectural decisions made on the way. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS.

Simon has a chat with Dustin Lucien, COO at Betterment. They discuss moving from hosting to the cloud. Building agile teams and how to handle scale and growth. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS


In this episode Simon catches up on a whole raft of different service updates. New instance types, updates for developers, IPv6 support, Amazon Linux in containers & Windows 2016 support just to name a few!

In this episode Simon discusses AWS Quick Starts with Santiago Cardenas, Partner Solution Architect. They talk about how customers can launch meaningful workloads with just the click of a button and build upon them.


In this episode Simon is joined by Dean Samuels and they talk about not one, not two, but THREE black belt tips!

In this episode Simon speaks with Willem Sundblad, CEO & Founder at Oden Technologies. They discuss the use of IoT in the manufacturing world, and how that is actually applied. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS.

Oden Technologoes:

In this episode Simon chats with Anthony Johnson, CTO at Giphy ( They discuss moving from a monolith to micro services, changing team structure and the pronunciation of “GIF”. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS.

In this episode Simon chats with Avi Wilensky, Founder & Full Stack Developer, from Uphail. They discuss deployment approaches, scaling and automation. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS.


In this episode Simon & Jeff discuss the new way the AWS Week in Review is created - using input from people like you! A new, open, collaborative approach based right here:

In this Episode Simon covers a vast array of updates - something for everyone! Plus a security-related Black-Belt Tip!


RDS for PostgreSQL:

Centralised Container Logs:

Amazon EMR Encryption:

Amazon API Gateway updates:

YAML for AWS CloudFormation and more:

AWS Service Catalog Policies:

Auto-Rollback with AWS CodeDeploy:

Visualizer Graph for AWS CodeCommit:

New AWS CloudTrail Support:

AWS OpsWorks Regional Endpoints:

AWS CloudHSM in US West (Northern California):

Kinesis Agent Updates:

More Benefits in AWS Enterprise Support:

Amazon EMR-DynamoDB Connector Open Sourced:

AWS IAM Service Last Accessed Data:

In this episode Simon has a conversation with Abby Fuller from Start-Up She shares fascinating details about their architecture, the way they scale, and the challenges of working with low latency applications. This Startup Spotlight is brought to you by Intel and AWS.

In this episode Simon chats with Andrew Kiggins, Security Solutions Architect, about best practices for DDoS Resiliency and a new white paper that is available with actionable steps for AWS customers.

In this episode Simon covers a raft of updates that have happened in the last few weeks - hopefully something for everyone!

AWS CodeDeploy with Amazon CloudWatch Events:

Amazon CloudFront HTTP/2 support: and Query String Whitelisting:

Reader endpoint for Amazon Aurora: and Release 1.7 updates:

AWS Config ALB Integration:

Mobile Hub Integrate Tab:

AWS Storage Gateway Console Update:

Auto Scaling for EC2 Spot Fleets:

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Nginx with Tomcat:, ALB support:, .NET enhancements:

Amazon CloudWatch Logs Console enhancements:

50 Tags per AWS Resource:

EC2 Auto Scaling Group Metric Improvements:

Amazon WorkSpaces Updates:

New Oldest Message Metric Amazon CloudWatch metric for Amazon SQS:

In this episode Simon interviews Jon Handler, Principal Solution Architect, about the Amazon ElasticSearch service. They discuss use cases, tips and tricks and how to best size and scale for different kinds of workloads.

In this episode Simon talks about in-memory databases with Darin Briskman, Developer Outreach at AWS. They discuss these types of database in general and, in particular, using Redis to make your system faster, some of the choices you need to make, and how Amazon ElastiCache can help.

In this episode Simon has a conversation with Vibhor Rastogi who is an Investment Director at Intel Capital. Often there are questions as to what VCs are looking for in Startups, and conversely, what Startups should be looking for in VCs. Many startups use AWS as an efficient, low-cost and scalable platform to try out their ideas, with the ability to scale when they are successful.

We discuss some of the nuances of the VC space, what VCs are looking for and how Intel Capital looks to invest in these types of businesses. As many of our listeners are running their own startup - we hope this is of real use!

Statements in this document that refer to Intel’s plans and expectations for the quarter, the year, and the future, are forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. A detailed discussion of the factors that could affect Intel’s results and plans is included in Intel’s SEC filings, including the annual report on Form 10-K.
Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

In this week’s episode, Simon wants to save you money! You might have heard about Amazon EC2 Spot Instances in the past. Maybe you even played with them a little. The capability has come a LONG way with new and interesting features that let customers reduce operating costs by up to 50-90%! We discuss things like Sport Fleet, Instance Termination Notification and a new Jenkins Plugin that uses Spot!

Keeping your systems secure is a constant effort, and should be a key focus. Fortunately we have more and more automation available at all points of the system development and deployment lifecycle. In this episode we take a look at the Amazon Inspector service and how it can automate security checking of your EC2 instances.

The world of Scientific Computing has been revolutionised by the Cloud. This week Simon speaks with Adrian White from the Scientific Computing team about how HPC and Scientific Computing has been transformed. Lots more information at

For Episode 137 of the AWS podcast we explore the new Amazon Elastic File System and Elastic Network Adaptor. There is also a tip on some great free security-related training as well as some very cool updates to Amazon SNS!

For Episode 136 of the AWS podcast, Simon takes a look into Amazon EC2 Instance Families. We look at the ways you can get better a cost/performance mix using newer instance family types, how to change your instance type and some of the extra capabilities available including Enhanced Networking and EBS-Optimized Instances.

For Episode 135 of the AWS podcast, Simon takes a look into AWS CloudTrail. This service lets customers have tremendous insight into the operations of their AWS accounts. It also opens up a raft of new ways to analyse events from a security, compliance and assurance standpoint. Simon looks at some of the intresting options, uses and reasons you should take a close look at this important service.

For Episode 134 of the AWS podcast,Jeff spoke with Bob Rogers, PhD, Chief Data Scientist for Big Data Solutions at Intel Corporation. We talked about how Bob entered the field of data science, how to get value from data science projects, and some misconceptions around big data. You can listen to the podcast to learn what skills are needed to have a career as a data scientist, and you can also hear Bob’s tips for those looking to become one. Hear what Intel is doing in the big data and analytics space – from the silicon chip to the cloud, and what big data holds for the future.

Intel asked that we add the following disclaimer: Intel technologies’ features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Learn more at, or from the OEM or retailer.

No computer system can be absolutely secure.

Statements in this document that refer to Intel’s plans and expectations for the quarter, the year, and the future, are forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. A detailed discussion of the factors that could affect Intel’s results and plans is included in Intel’s SEC filings, including the annual report on Form 10-K.

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Simon Elisha

Simon is a long-time Amazonian, passionate about helping customers get the most out of cloud technology. A pragmatic technologist at heart, Simon holds an Honours Degree in Information Systems from Monash University.

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr has been an Amazon employee since 2002. As Chief Evangelist, he focuses on spreading the word about AWS through the AWS blog and select in-person appearances. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Communication and Digital Media.

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