AWS Private Certificate Authority

Create private certificates to identify resources and protect data

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Create versatile certificate and certificate authority (CA) configurations to identify and protect your internal resources, including servers, applications, users, devices, and containers.

Build on a solid security foundation to protect data, identify resources, and help meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

Avoid outages and improve uptime by automating CA and certificate management using API calls, AWS CLI commands, or AWS CloudFormation templates.

How it works

AWS Private Certificate Authority (AWS Private CA) is a highly available, versatile CA that helps organizations secure their applications and devices using private certificates.

Use cases

Automate and scale certificate issuance

Issue certificates to identify and protect your internal servers, containers, users, instances, and IoT devices using APIs and SDKs.

Establish secure TLS for Kubernetes

Encrypt data in transit to and from your Kubernetes clusters and for pod-to-pod communications.

Use TLS and mutual TLS for private networks

Enable TLS for resources on AWS and for on-premises private networks outside AWS.

Create secure service meshes

Authenticate and encrypt communications between microservices in a service mesh.

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