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Leverage services from both AWS and APN Partners to create a secure, highly-available primary storage solution.

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Organizations look to the cloud for a variety of primary data storage needs, from extending an on-premises environment to running critical workloads fully in the cloud. AWS Primary Storage solutions are durable and easily scalable, with very low latency and high throughput. Cloud-based primary storage solutions create significant savings over expanding on-premises hardware, with high levels of security and availability. Organizations pay only for the services they need, allowing access to cloud storage solutions for companies of all sizes.

AWS Storage Competency Partners leverage AWS solutions including Amazon EBS and Amazon S3 to provide secure and efficient storage solutions for running primary workloads in the cloud or extending an on-premises solution to create a hybrid architecture.

An easy on-ramp to a hybrid primary storage solution

  • APN Partner solutions help organizations take advantage of the cloud without re-architecting their applications.

Simplified file distribution

  • Files can be distributed between locations using on-premises and AWS-based storage solutions, and between sites using an AWS-based Storage-as-a-Service.r

Data replication and security

  • Solutions offer features including global deduplication for cost efficiency, data replication using storage system native replication mechanisms, and data security for all levels of compliance, including HIPAA and government-level security demands.

Built for AWS

  • APN Partner solutions are pre-qualified by the AWS Partner Competency Program to support organizations in deploying their primary storage solutions.

Learn how AWS and APN partners have helped organizations like EidosMedia and HUSCO implement efficient and cost-effective primary storage solutions.

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When Modus wanted to move its eDiscovery App from an on-premises datacenter to AWS, it turned to SoftNAS. Modus, an enterprise data management company, needed higher availability and greater scalability, SoftNAS Cloud helped Modus easily move its app to AWS without application re-engineering. This frictionless experience helped increase agility and gave time back to operations teams, while enabling Modus to drive business value, add new customers and streamline company acquisitions. Join us for this special webinar to learn more about how your organization can benefit from SoftNAS Cloud on AWS.

Webinar Title: How to Migrate Your SaaS Apps to AWS for Increased Agility and Availability
SoftNAS Presenter: Joey Wright, Senior Solutions Architect, SoftNAS
Customer Presenter: John Crites, Chief Information Officer / Chief Financial Officer, Modus eDiscovery
AWS Presenter: Mike Ruiz, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Date: January 17, 2017 at 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET

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When addressing the challenges of the “always-on” global media industry, it is imperative to deliver robust business continuity while also minimizing storage costs and avoiding over provisioning. Adopting the inherent cloud advantages of flexibility and scalability pay dividends if you can ensure simplified and comprehensive data management across the entire hybrid cloud environment.

Join the upcoming webinar to learn how EidosMedia leverages NetApp ONTAP Cloud on AWS to support its global CMS platform and deliver real-time news around the globe.

Webinar Title: How EidosMedia Provides Over 30,000 Customers Worldwide 24/7 Access to Data with NetApp ONTAP Cloud for AWS
NetApp Presenter: Yaron Maimsohn, Cloud Solutions Architect
Customer Presenter: Lorenzo D, Cloud Architect, EidosMedia
AWS Presenter: Isaiah Weiner, Sr. Mgr. S.A.
Date: July 26, 2017 | 10:00am PT

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When CIO Eric Hanson joined HUSCO International’s leadership team, he quickly set about identifying opportunities for his organization to reduce storage costs and improve performance. Using his previous experience at a multi-location manufacturing firm, he determined that HUSCO International’s challenges with file latency, increasing storage costs, and inability to collaborate cross-site could be solved by transitioning from traditional storage using NetApp filers to a consolidated cloud infrastructure powered by Panzura and Amazon S3.

Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how HUSCO International is using Panzura and Amazon S3 to take advantage of cloud storage economics that has the potential to save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Webinar Title: Hybrid Cloud Storage: Why HUSCO International Left Traditional Storage Behind
Panzura Presenter: Brian Wink, Director of Worldwide Systems Engineering
Customer Presenter: Eric Hanson, CIO, HUSCO International
AWS Presenters: Mike Ruiz, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Date: August 2, 2017 | 10:00 AM PT

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