AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) offers structure to help organizations develop an efficient and effective plan for their cloud adoption journey. Guidance and best-practices prescribed within the framework can help you build a comprehensive approach to cloud computing across your organization, throughout your IT lifecycle.

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AWS Cloud Adoption Framework breaks down the complicated process of planning into manageable areas of focus.

Perspectives represent top-level areas of focus spanning people, process, and technology. Components identify specific aspects within each Perspective which require attention, while Activities provide prescriptive guidance to help build actionable plans.

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AWS Cloud Adoption Framework is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to use Perspectives, Components, and Activities as building blocks for your unique journey.

The diagram above shows a basic example of major steps in a cloud journey. In this example, the organization's journey begins with their leadership team reviewing the seven Perspectives. Through each Perspective, the team is able to create a comprehensive plan of action spanning multiple disciplines and teams. Further steps would define specific activities and a project plan to drive the output forward.

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