Posted On: Sep 22, 2020

Today, we launched usability improvements for the AWS Management Console’s navigation header and footer. The improvements include a refreshed and responsive navigation header and footer, an easier way to add or remove services to your favorites list in the navigation header, and an increase in the number of services you see in the “Recently visited” section, from 5 to 15. Depending on your browser support, you can also access the navigation menu items using a keyboard.

Previously, customers could only favorite a small number of services in the navigation header or had to remember the icons for those services when they wanted to favorite a few more. Customers also faced challenges while using drag and drop while managing their favorites. The usability improvements in the navigation header addressees these issues.

As part of the usability improvements, we have also removed the “Resource Groups” menu item and added it to the “Management & Governance” section under the “Services” menu. 

To experience these improvements, visit the AWS Management Console.