Amazon Managed Grafana Customers

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Area52, a technology company focused on material handling and food processing innovation, is a leader in advanced automation technologies and data analytics that helps its customers create more yield and perform rapid root cause analysis to find ways to optimize production pipelines. 

“We needed a solution to graph process data from industrial IoT devices and various supporting systems for customers operating in seafood processing and other industrial markets,” said Tim Fogarty, founder, Area52. “We chose Amazon Managed Grafana because it allowed us to graph and visualize data for our customers without complex IT integrations. Now, we’re able to more easily track key metrics across our customers’ operations and create proactive alarm notifications if capacity and utilization targets are missed so we can help our customers course correct to meet their production goals.”
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Tech Mahindra is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that specializes in digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering solutions with over 117,600 professionals working across 90 countries that have helped over 840 companies transform how they operate. 

“We believe that our customers stand to gain significant benefits with the introduction of Amazon Managed Grafana because of the out-of-the-box resource discovery experience and ability to easily onboard their AWS accounts across multiple regions,” said Ramprasad Nagaraja – Vice President, Cloud Native Engineering / Digital Supply Chain, Tech Mahindra. “We see a natural transition for a lot of our customers who are self-hosting Grafana based on early discussions because Amazon Managed Grafana removes the burden of self-hosting and managing Grafana infrastructure themselves.”

Sharethrough Inc. operates as an omnichannel supply side platform. The company focuses on developing an advertising ecosystem for journalists, content creators, and application developers.

"Creating metrics and dashboards was complex, resulting in frequent misconfiguration and over- or under-alerting. As our application has scaled, we realized that our needs could not scale with the current solution, which required us to do significant engineering and operations work to get a stable metrics system. All of the additional work came with a cost and investment in the infrastructure which was not sustainable for growth. This is when we turned to AWS and leveraged a quick and easy proof of concept (POC) on a new metrics solution utilizing Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus and Amazon Managed Grafana with minimal custom work. After a successful POC, we migrated our entire metrics pipeline to AWS Observability services, up-skilled our engineering team on usage of both Prometheus and Grafana, and continue to feel confident that these solutions will grow with Sharethrough. Since both services are based on open-source and community-maintained software, we have the freedom to bring either of these services in-house if we desire in the future, so we feel like it is a good investment."

Keilan Jackson, Staff Engineer, Exchange Core Team - Sharethrough

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"With Amazon Managed Grafana and Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, Contino can now, jointly with our clients, build best in class open source observability experiences, without wasting engineering cycles maintaining the infrastructure. Now we can refocus our energy on acting on the data driven insights, making real change happen. We're already leveraging this at clients to show the business value of systems in realtime, understand ways of working and drive their digital transformation. "

Josh Armitage, AWS Practice Lead, Contino

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"Airwalk Reply is a technology solutions provider serving the needs of the Financial Services and Public Sector organisations, including some of the world's best-known companies. Amazon Managed Grafana helps our clients to visualise data across their entire application and infrastructure estate, with AWS taking care of managing and scaling the platform allowing them to focus on delivering business value. "

Ben Walker, CTO, Airwalk Reply

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NTT DATA Services, a division of NTT DATA Corporation, helps clients plan, assess, develop, and deliver AWS solutions that transform their businesses. 

“Grafana is a powerful observability tool made even stronger with Amazon Managed Grafana. As a managed service that connects across AWS data sources, our teams use Amazon Managed Grafana because it allows them to focus their resources on troubleshooting operational issues and improving application health, not infrastructure management,” said Emily Lewis-Pinnell, VP and practice leader for Cloud Services, NTT DATA Services. “And with connectivity to AWS container services and AWS monitoring services, we are able to effortlessly monitor container health for our applications from a single dashboard."
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“Amazon Managed Grafana is a game changer visualization service that brings-in cloud capability to Open Source Grafana. It not only reduces operational overhead to manage infrastructure but also provides a number of pre-built dashboards and ability to visualize, analyze, and correlate securely across multiple data sources providing strong AWS security backbone.” 

Vipul Tankariya, Chief Architect, AWS Business Group, Wipro